Ryan Day Will be the Miami Hurricanes Head Coach in 2025 (2024)

42 – 27. 45 – 23. 30 – 24. Ohio State fans know those scores extremely well. It is the score of the past three Ohio State vs. Michigan games and none of those wins were for Ohio State. If there is one thing you absolutely have to do as an Ohio State head coach, it’s beating Michigan, which is something that Ryan Day just hasn’t been able to do. In his first year at Ohio State in 2019, he picked up his lone win against the Wolverines, marking the 11th win in a row for the Buckeyes. However, since then, he is 0-3 and has watched Michigan win a National Championship, something else Day hasn’t been able to do in his five years at Ohio State.

Day has a very good overall record at 56-8. For most schools in the country that would be very good and wouldn’t get you even close to the hot seat. However, Ohio State isn’t like most schools. They expect to beat Michigan, win the Big 10 and win championships and in the last three years Day is 0-9 in that regard. Day is also only 2-5 against teams that are ranked in the top five when Ohio State played them. If Day doesn’t beat Michigan this year and make some noise in the playoffs, despite his overall 58-6 record, 2024 will be his last year in Columbus and there is a school down south that could use a coach to bring consistency and recruiting to them and start trying to rebuild them to their glory days and that is the Miami Hurricanes.

In the late 80s, early 90s and early 2000s, the Hurricanes were one of the best and most feared teams in the country. Between 1987 and 2001, the Hurricanes won four national championships and played in countless other New Year’s Day and Big Six bowl games. However, since 2005 the Hurricanes have been a shell of their former selves and haven’t been able to get back to anything near the old days. In the last 20 years they have only won three bowl games and only won 10 or more games one time. That is a far cry from the years when they were winning 11 and 12 games nearly every season. Miami has one of the most storied histories in college football, and Ryan Day could help them get back to that.

While a 56-8 record and three 11 win seasons in a row might not be good enough in Columbus, it would absolutely be good enough in Miami. Day could really come in and get them back to their winning ways. Day is a good recruiter who should have no issue getting top-tier talent in Florida and all over the country to come to Miami and want to play for him. He has had enough success at Ohio State and getting players into the NFL that recruiting won’t be a problem. Miami already has a top five recruiting class coming in 2024 and Day would be able to add to that with a great 2025 recruiting class.

Mario Cristobal has been the coach in Miami for the past two seasons and while they did win two more games in 2023 than they did in 2022, going 7-6 with a 12-13 overall record doesn’t scream someone whose job is safe, especially if someone like Ryan Day became available. Cristobal brought in transfer Cam Ward from Washington State this offseason and if he can’t get a huge improvement from that team, it is time to say goodbye to him and find someone who can win there.

Cristobal needs a big season in Miami and potentially winning the ACC or at least a top-notch bowl to keep Miami from considering someone like Day when he becomes available, and I don’t expect that to happen. We just haven’t seen anything from him for us to believe in him. Expect to see Ryan Day coaching in Hard Rock Stadium in 2025.

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Ryan Day Will be the Miami Hurricanes Head Coach in 2025 (2024)


Does Ryan Day have a wife? ›

Personal life. Day met his wife, Christina Ourania Spirou, whom he calls Nina, when they played together on the same tee ball team when she was seven and he was six. Married in June 2005, the Days have three children.

How many children does Ryan Day have? ›

He was a team captain as a senior and earned his degree in business administration in 2002. He has a master's in administrative studies from Boston College (2004). Day, and his wife, Christina, who is referred to as “Nina,” have three children: Ryan Jr. or “RJ”, Grace and Ourania or “Nia”.

Did Ryan Day graduate from college? ›

Born March 12, 1979, Day is a native of Manchester, N.H. He earned his bachelor's degree in business administration in 2002 before receiving a master's of science in administrative studies at Boston College in 2004.

Who was the coach before Ryan Day? ›

The previous head coach of the Buckeyes was Urban Meyer who was hired in November 2011 and then announced December 4, 2018, he would retire following the Rose Bowl. Ryan Day then became the new coach of the Buckeyes.

What is Ryan Day's salary at Ohio State? ›

Ryan Day's contract details

Ryan Day, the current head coach of Ohio State's football program, signed a seven-year contract in May 2022, including a two-year extension. The entire arrangement is worth $66.5 million. Unlike other coaches, his salary of $9.5 million yearly does not increase annually.

Who is Nick Saban's wife? ›

Among his teammates were Kerry Marbury, who went on to star for the West Virginia Mountaineers and play in the Canadian Football League. On December 18, 1971, Saban married Terry Constable, also from West Virginia. In 1973, he graduated from Kent State University with a bachelor's degree in business.

Where does Ryan Day's son go to school? ›

RJ Day, the Ohio State football coach's son, who is a freshman quarterback at St. Francis DeSales High School, received his first Division 1 offer Sunday night from former Ohio State co-defensive coordinator and current Boston College football coach Jeff Hafley.

How much money is Ryan Day worth? ›

Ryan Day's Current Net Worth

In 2023, Ryan Day's estimated net worth is approximately $3 million. His earnings, stemming from his roles as both a player and coach in the football world, have played a significant role in amassing this impressive financial figure.

What is Ryan Day's bowl record? ›

Although Day has only competed in high-profile College Football Playoff or New Year's Six bowl matchups in his six seasons as the Ohio State coach, he now holds a 2-4 record in bowl games.

Was Ryan Day a QB coach? ›

Flash forward to 2015 and the two were once again coaching together, this time with the Day serving as the Eagles QB coach under Kelly. One year later, Kelly took over as the head coach of the 49ers, with Day following him - once again as the QB coach. Ryan Day joined Urban Meyer's staff in 2017, and the rest you know.

Does Ryan Day have a championship? ›

Yes, under Day, the Buckeyes have been highly ranked each season and have dominated most Big Ten teams. He has an overall 56-8 record, two Big Ten Championships, and a Big Ten Coach of the Year Award.

Did Ryan Day and Chip Kelly coach together? ›

College Sports

Ohio State coach Ryan Day hired former Oregon, UCLA and NFL coach Chip Kelly — also his former quarterbacks coach at New Hampshire and a longtime friend and mentor — as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

Where will Ryan Day coach next? ›

Zachary Neel, Ducks Wire: Ryan Day will be the coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes in 2025 after finally beating a Jim Harbaugh-less Michigan in 2024.

Who is the highest paid college football coach? ›

1. DABO SWINNEY, CLEMSON ($11.5M) Swinney contract details: College football's new highest-paid coach after Nick Saban decided to retire, Swinney agreed to a 10-year contract extension in September 2022 that keeps him at Clemson through the 2031 season.

How much did Urban Meyer make at Florida? ›

Florida initially paid him $14 million before upping that to $24 million. Since then, Meyer has been employed by Fox Sports where he makes around $7 million per year. A product of Cajun country in south Louisiana, Jeff played football through high school, and baseball through college and beyond.

Who is Ryan Day, snooker player married to? ›

Day married his stepmother's sister, Lynsey, in the summer of 2008. The couple have two daughters, Francesca, born in 2006 and Lauren, in 2010.

Who is Sherrone Moore's wife? ›

Moore earned his bachelor's degree in communications from Oklahoma in 2008. He and his wife, Kelli, were married in 2015. Together, they have two daughters, Shiloh, and Solei.

Where is Ryan Day today? ›

Ryan Day has guided the Ohio State Buckeyes to a 56-8 record in his five seasons as head coach (2019-23). His record includes a 39-3 record against Big Ten Conference competition, back-to-back Big Ten championships in 2019 and 2020, and Sugar Bowl (2020) and Rose Bowl (2021) victories.

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