Leslie Knipfing Movies And Tv Shows (2024)

1. Leslie Knipfing - Biography, Net Worth, and Life of Kevin James' Sister 2024

  • 17 okt 2023 · Kevin is best recognized for his roles in Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, King of Queens, and Here Comes the Boom, according to ...

  • Discover Leslie Knipfing's life journey! Explore the biography, net worth, and intriguing aspects of this individual's remarkable life story.

2. Kevin James Siblings: Meet Gary Joseph and Leslie Knipfing

  • 9 apr 2024 · Kevin has also starred in various films, including Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Zookeeper, Pixels, Hitch and Grown Ups. Additionally, he has lent his ...

  • Kevin James, born Kevin George Knipfing, is an American comedian and actor known for his work in stand-up comedy and various films and TV shows. He gained fame for his role as Doug Heffernan in the sitcom The King of Queens and has starred in movies like Hitch, Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Grown Ups.

3. Leslie Knipfing – Biography, Family, Facts About Kevin James Sister

  • His family ; The King of Queens (1999-2007), ; Stuck on You (2003), ; I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007), ; Men of a Certain Age (2009-2011), ; Wrong (2012), ...

  • More and more people are becoming celebrities not for starting something in their name out of thin air, but for being affiliated in some way with people

4. leslie knipfing movies and tv shows | Discover - Kwai

5. Leslie Knipfing Wikipedia, Age, Films and Net Worth - Biographle

  • 3 mei 2023 · Leslie has also worked as a producer on several of her brother Kevin James' projects, including the TV series “Kevin Can Wait” (2016-2018) and ...

  • Leslie Knipfing is an American actress known for her work in the film and tv industry. She was born on November 17, 1974, see wikipedia.

6. Kevin James | King Of Queens Wiki - Fandom

  • Kevin James (born Kevin George Knipfing on April 26, 1965) is the actor for Doug Heffernan on The King of Queens. He also occasionally writes episodes, ...

  • Kevin James (born Kevin George Knipfing on April 26, 1965) is the actor for Doug Heffernan on The King of Queens. He also occasionally writes episodes, such as Inner Tube. He recently played as Kevin Gable in the CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait. Kevin was born in Mineola, New York at Winthrop-University Hospital. He is the second son of Janet, a homemaker who also worked in a chiropractor's office, and Joseph Valentine Knipfing, Jr., who owned an insurance agency.[1][2][3] He has German ancestry.[4] J

7. Kevin James' sister, Leslie Knipfing Biography: Husband, Age, Net ...

  • Since then, she has showcased her talent in movies like “Zookeeper” (2011), “Here Comes the Boom” (2012), “Grown Ups 2” (2013), and “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” ( ...

  • Born as Leslie Knipfing, she shares the bloodline with one of the established names in Hollywood, Kevin James. Leslie is…

8. Leslie Knipfing Biografie - kmesh

  • Leslie Knipfing komt uit een spraakmakende familie ... films en tv-shows. CLOSE. ad. Hier zijn alle ... Knipfing heeft twee oudere broers Kevin George Knipfing en ...

  • Leslie Knipfing komt uit een spraakmakende familie. Ze staat bekend als de zus van een bekende Amerikaanse acteur, komiek en schrijver Kevin James en Gary Valentine. Ze is nog niet getrouwd en heeft ook niemand voorgesteld als haar vriend.

9. Who is Leslie Knipfing? Age, Movies, Net Worth, Relationship

  • 17 mrt 2024 · Knipfing is not related to Leslie Bibb, an American actress and model, but she has appeared in several films alongside her brother Kevin James.

  • Leslie Knipfing is one of those people who became known for his associations with American artists, comedians and a well-known author.

10. Movie review: “Zookeeper” is a keeper - The Denver Post

  • 6 jul 2011 · ... TV/Radio ... (Leslie Bibb). Evidently, he can't be a ... Rapper Afroman has performed many shows in Colorado and each time he visits, the people ...

  • Movie review: “Zookeeper” is a keeper

11. Who is Kevin James' Sister Leslie Knipfing? Biography, Wiki, Career

  • 5 mei 2024 · Leslie Knipfing had first wished to work in the film industry. ... She also appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's television series What If…

  • Leslie Knipfing (born on November 17, 1974) is an American citizen. She is famous for being the sister of actors and comedians Kevin James and Gary Valentine, known for their roles in The King of Queens.

12. Who is Leslie Knipfing? All About Kevin James's sister - citiMuzik

  • She is known to be a producer and has worked on several projects with her brother, including the TV show “Kevin Can Wait” and the movie “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.

  • Who is Leslie Knipfing? All About Kevin James's sister

13. Leslie Knipfing age, net worth, height, wiki, husband, biography - Kemi Filani

  • 3 aug 2022 · Knipfing is not related to Leslie Bibb, an American actress and model, but she has appeared in several films alongside her brother, Kevin James.

  • Leslie Knipfing age, net worth, height, wiki, husband, biography. Leslie Knipfing is one of those people who has become well-known as a result of her ties

14. The Life And Times Of Leslie Knipfing: A Journey Of Self ...

  • Leslie Knipfing, aka Kevin James, has left an indelible mark on comedy and entertainment. Through his stand-up routines, TV shows, and films, he has brought ...

  • Leslie Knipfing, born November 7, 1966, in Westbury, New York, is a renowned American comedian, actor, and producer. Leslie's early life was marked by

15. Unveiling Leslie Knipfing's Cinematic Masterpieces - DigitalOcean

  • 30 mrt 2024 · ... Leslie Knipfing, an American actor. Knipfing has appeared in over 100 films and television shows, including "The Shawshank Redemption", "The ...

  • "Leslie Knipfing movies" is a keyword term used to refer to the mography of Leslie Knipfing, an American actor. Knipfing has appeared in over 100 films and television shows, including "The Shawshank Redemption", "The Green Mile", and "The Mist". He is known for his character roles, often playing villains or anti-heroes.

Leslie Knipfing Movies And Tv Shows (2024)


What movies has Leslie Knipfing been in? ›

What movie was Leslie Knipfing in? Unlike her two famous brothers, she has never acted in a film. However, many people have confused her for Leslie Bibb, a renowned American actress and model. Bibb first appeared on television in 1996 with minor roles in a few television series.

How much money did Kevin James make King of Queens? ›

How much did Kevin James make per episode? James reportedly took home a cool $300,000 per episode in the early seasons of King of Queens, with a raise to $400,000 in the show's later seasons and a reported $500,000 per episode salary for the 2005-2006 season.

Who is Kevin James' sister? ›

He has a sister named Leslie and an older brother named Gary, the latter of whom also became a comedian and actor under the name Gary Valentine.

Who is Gary Valentine married to? ›

Did Kevin James' wife appear on King of Queens? ›

Kevin James' wife plays "Sienna", which is his first daughter's name. Once again, Kevin James' and Leah Remini's spouses, Steffiana De La Cruz and Angelo Pagan, make appearances on The King of Queens, and for the second time, actually appear in the same episode.

Was Kevin James on Everybody Loves Raymond before King of Queens? ›

Kevin James appeared 9 times in "Everybody Loves Raymond." In the first six appearances, during seasons one and two, his character was simply referred to as "Kevin." In the final three appearances, during season three, he portrayed his "Doug Heffernan" character from "The King of Queens." This is probably because the ...

Are Kevin James and Leah Remini still friends? ›

While The King of Queens ended in 2007, there are still plenty of fans of the classic comedy series, and the show's two stars, Leah Remini and Kevin James, just gifted loyal fans a sweet photo of the two longtime friends reuniting.

Why did Kelly Palmer leave King of Queens? ›

Kelly Palmer (played by Merrin Dungey), Deacon's wife, and Carrie's friend. Dungey was absent from the show in 2002 because she needed to take a break from the series and during this period, she and Deacon are separated and engaged in divorce proceedings, and she is involved in a brief affair, before they reconcile.

Why is Ray Romano worth so much? ›

Best known for his role as Raymond Barone in the popular television sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, Romano's journey to stardom and his subsequent success in various ventures have contributed to his impressive net worth, which stands at a remarkable $200 million as of 2024.

How did Kevin James lose weight? ›

The 58-year-old comedic actor said he once shed about 60 pounds after fasting for over 40 days—something he did out of a desire to lose weight quickly as well as for religious reasons.

Why did Kevin James change his name? ›

During his time with the troupe, he developed a friendship with club owner Richie Minervini and also adopted the stage name Kevin James as an homage to a favorite teacher. Minervini offered James a five-minute stand-up slot at the comedy club, and the aspiring comedian lept at the opportunity.

How many kids does Kevin James have with his wife? ›

James and De La Cruz have four children: daughters Sienna-Marie, 18, Shea Joelle, 17, and Sistine Sabella, 9, and son Kannon Valentine, 13—the latter of whom is likely named after James' brother, Gary Joseph Knipfing, who's also an actor and comedian and goes by the stage name, Gary Valentine.

Do Kevin James and Gary Valentine have the same parents? ›

His parents are Joseph V. Knipfing, an insurance broker, and Janet B. Knipfing. James has two siblings, Gary Joseph Knipfing aka: Gary Valentine, also a comedian, and Leslie Knipfing.

Is licorice pizza a true story? ›

Licorice Pizza is a mix of reality and fiction, though some of the fiction is more thinly veiled than others. The character of actor Jack Holden, played by Sean Penn, is at least partially inspired by William Holden. More clear is that Lucy Doolittle is a stand-in for Lucille Ball.

Are Kevin James and Gary Valentine real brothers? ›

Gary Valentine was born Gary Joseph Knipfing in Mineola, New York, to Janet, an office worker, and Joseph Valentine Knipfing, Jr., an insurance agency owner. His brother is actor Kevin James. He has German ancestry. Valentine got his start in show business on the stand up comedy stage.

How many Adam Sandler movies has Kevin James been in? ›

Over the last fifteen years, Sandler and James have co-starred in the three entries in the Hotel Transylvania franchise, two Grown Ups movies, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Zookeeper, Pixels and Sandy Wexler, while James showed up as himself for an uncredited cameo in You Don't Mess with the Zohan.

Who was the wife in Talladega Nights? ›

Leslie Bibb as Carley Bobby, Ricky's former wife and currently Cal's wife after she fears Ricky will not successfully return to NASCAR. Gary Cole as Reese Bobby, Ricky's father.

What are all the movies that Kevin James played in? ›

He starred in his own sitcom, The King of Queens (1998), as Doug Heffernan, from 1998 to 2007, and later began a career as a leading film actor, co-starring in Hitch (2005), I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007), Grown Ups (2010), and Grown Ups 2 (2013), and headlining Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009), Zookeeper (2011), ...

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