Labyrinthectomy decreases bone mineral density in the femoral metaphysis in rats (2024)

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Revista Brasileira de Otorrinolaringologia

Vestibular impairment secondary to glucose metabolic disorders: reality or myth?

Marco Antonio Bottino

As vestibulopatias atribuídas aos distúrbios do metabolismo do açúcar são ainda hoje um tema controverso na literatura pela falta de demonstração objetiva que relacione causa e efeito. OBJETIVO: Nosso objetivo é relatar os resultados seriados do Teste de Integração Sensorial no acompanhamento dos pacientes portadores de DMA tratados com dieta fracionada e restrição de glicose. FORMA DE ESTUDO: Retrospectivo, inclui um desenho de descrição de casos. MÉTODO: Foram avaliadas as respostas de 21 pacientes portadores de distúrbios do metabolismo do açúcar e tontura submetidos à dieta fracionada com restrição de glicose. A medição objetiva do equilíbrio corporal dos pacientes foi feita pela Posturografia Dinâmica Computadorizada, utilizando-se o protocolo do Teste de Integração Sensorial. RESULTADOS: Após a instituição da dieta, observou-se melhora objetiva significante nas condições que retratam a função vestibular e o equilíbrio corporal dos indivíduos estudados. CONCLUSÃO: Concluímos qu...

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Distinct activation of the sympathetic adreno- medullar system and hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis following the caloric vestibular test in healthy subjects

Cristina Ghiciuc

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The Laryngoscope

Vestibular End-Organ Impairment in an Animal Model of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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Journal of gravitational physiology : a journal of the International Society for Gravitational Physiology

The effects of hypergravity on vestibular epithelia and behaviour of the rat

2001 •

Rene Wubbels

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The Journal of experimental biology

Simulated weightlessness alters the nycthemeral distribution of energy expenditure in rats

2001 •


The energy metabolism adaptations to simulated weightlessness in rats by hindlimb tail suspension are unknown. 12 male rats were assigned to 7 days of isolation, 7 days of habituation to the suspension device, 10 days of simulated weightlessness, and 3 days of recovery. The 24-hour energy expenditure was measured by continuous indirect calorimetry. We calculated the 12-hour energy expenditure during the active (night) and inactive (day) periods, the minimal observed metabolic rates with the day values taken as an index of the basal metabolic rate, and the non-basal energy expenditure representing the cost of physical activity plus the diet-induced thermogenesis. Suspension did not change the mean 24-hour energy expenditure (360.8+/-15.3 J min(-1) kg(-0.67)), but reduced the night/day difference by 64 % (P<0.05) through a concomitant drop in night-energy expenditure and increase in day values. The difference between night and day minimal metabolic rates was reduced by 81 % (P<0...

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Energy Expenditure and Body Composition of Chronically Maintained Decerebrate Rats in the Fed and Fasted Condition

2006 •

William Flatt

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Journal of neurology

Vestibular animal models: contributions to understanding physiology and disease

2016 •

Kathleen Cullen

Our knowledge of the vestibular sensory system, its functional significance for gaze and posture stabilization, and its capability to ensure accurate spatial orientation perception and spatial navigation has greatly benefitted from experimental approaches using a variety of vertebrate species. This review summarizes the attempts to establish the roles of semicircular canal and otolith endorgans in these functions followed by an overview of the most relevant fields of vestibular research including major findings that have advanced our understanding of how this system exerts its influence on reflexive and cognitive challenges encountered during daily life. In particular, we highlight the contributions of different animal models and the advantage of using a comparative research approach. Cross-species comparisons have established that the morpho-physiological properties underlying vestibular signal processing are evolutionarily inherent, thereby disclosing general principles. Based on ...

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Journal of Applied Physiology

Vestibular loss disrupts daily rhythm in rats

2014 •

Jan Bulla

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Brain Research

Rotation induced increases of glucose uptake in rat vestibular nuclei and vestibulocerebellum

1976 •

Frank Sharp

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AJP: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology

Subdiaphragmatic vagal deafferentation affects body weight gain and glucose metabolism in obese male Zucker (fa/fa) rats

2005 •

Myrtha Arnold

We investigated the effect of subdiaphragmatic vagal deafferentation (SDA) on food intake, body weight gain, and metabolism in obese ( fa/ fa) and lean ( Fa/?) Zucker rats. Before and after recovery from surgery, food intake and body weight gain were recorded, and plasma glucose and insulin were measured in tail-prick blood samples. After implantation of a jugular vein catheter, an intravenous glucose tolerance test (IVGTT) was performed, followed by minimal modeling to estimate the insulin sensitivity index. Food intake relative to metabolic body weight (g/kg0.75) and daily body weight gain after surgery were lower ( P < 0.05) in SDA than in sham obese but not lean rats. Before surgery, plasma glucose and insulin concentrations were lower ( P < 0.05) in lean than in obese rats but did not differ between surgical groups within both genotypes. Four weeks after surgery, plasma glucose and insulin were still similar in SDA and sham lean rats but lower ( P < 0.05) in SDA than i...

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Labyrinthectomy decreases bone mineral density in the femoral metaphysis in rats (2024)
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