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hill bomb. today, the warning they have for skaters next swept out to the ocean, especially like through the golden gate bridge. >> this weekend, experts are reminding everyone keep safety top of mind as you try to get a

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break from this heat. >> from ktvu fox two news. this is mornings on two. >> and good morning to you. welcome to mornings on two i'm claudine wong. >> happy weekend one and all. if you like it hot boy. it's been a crazy week. and it's going to continue a little bit as well. i'm frank mallicoat roberta is in for rosemary and the song remains the same. right. >> it's day five of this prolonged heat wave, and i think it finally got to me yesterday because i got home from work and it's you can't walk the dog, you can't mow the lawn, you can't do your gardening, you can't get out and exercise. you've got to just hunker down. and we have several more days of this to go. every single day since these records began, we've had a record. and yesterday it was oakland at 82, shattering the old record since 1981. so here we go again. excessive heat warning and an advisory for bayside in effect, temperatures 95 to 108 away from the coastal areas. more records are likely with elevated fire danger. we do

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have a red flag warning in effect until later on tonight. that's the sea of fog, the low clouds, the marine layer roughly down to about 800ft. but it's condensed. it's shallow. it'll burn off 50s right now at the sea shore, 67 degrees at this very early hour in livermore. it's in the mid 60s in san jose. and good morning, santa rosa. you're at 55 going up to 102 outside. number 108 towards the delta discovery bay and brentwood. 107 tri-valley and 90 degrees in san mateo. your full five day forecast in just a matter of minutes, frank. >> thank you roberta and new this morning. all lanes. highway 580 eastbound near 35th avenue. offramp are back open this morning following a fatal accident. the calls came in at 320. this morning. first reports were that it involved a motorcyclist. a sigalert was called out at 330 this morning with all lanes blocked on 580. you can see that triangle there. that was the area where it happened. the lanes reopened

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about 30 minutes ago. still a bit of a slow go there, but chp is still on the scene conducting an investigation. >> well, this morning the san francisco police department is out with a strong warning for anyone planning to attend the annual unpermitted skateboarding event known as the hill bomb in dolores park. it is anticipated to happen later today. let's go to ktvu betty, who live there this morning with the city's plans, especially in the wake of the problems we saw last year, betty. >> that's right. claudine. good morning. san francisco police are urging skaters to stay away from dolores park today for this annual hill bomb. but take a look behind me. there are barricades set up already. they put these out here as of friday. and the police chief yesterday said that they will be used to keep the community safe. as you mentioned, last year's hill bomb resulted in mass arrests, chaos and violence. the hill bomb does attract skaters to fly down a steep part of dolores street

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that's between 18th and 21st, and the event has come with big crowds that can turn unruly and violent. sfpd said. officers will be heavily deployed this year. last year, there were clashes with police mass arrests. about 100 of them muni vehicles were vandalized and the crowd also launched fireworks, rocks and bottles at officers. critics called the police response excessive. this year, s.f. police chief bill scott has a message for skaters. >> we don't intend to allow a hill bomb on social media. you know, we're seeing that some are putting out that it's been canceled as far as we're concerned, it is canceled. >> now, as the police said that the streets will be closed around this area from 4 to 10 p.m, it's unclear whether these skaters will heed the warning, because, claudine, the word generally spreads by word of mouth or on social media. so we

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will have to see back to you. >> okay. thank you so much, betty. well, the 4th of july may be over, but police and firefighters in cities all across the bay area are still preparing for more illegal fireworks shows this weekend. first responders in contra costa county alone say they responded to more than 100 fires tied to illegal fireworks between early thursday morning and early yesterday, and it was a similar situation in sonoma county, where police and firefighters are now preparing for what they expect will be a very busy weekend. >> holiday weekend. we expect the incidents related fireworks to increase through at least sunday into monday. we had at least a dozen fire related incidents that ranged everything from an injury to an actual structure fire in a vegetation fire. >> bay area firefighters say this week's heat wave has only added to the danger of illegal fireworks shows during the 4th of july holiday weekend time now is 705. >> surveillance footage of a residential street in the city of berkeley caught a moment. a young man was injured by a firework blast. local residents say around 30 teens were setting

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up fireworks from the street on thursday night near the corner of fairview and harper. one firework appeared to be a dub but let out a delayed explosive. at that point, the young man started running and some of the teens started screaming and called 911. emergency crews took the teen, injured in the blast to the hospital. >> the reckless this year, i want to say a little. there was a lot of reckless. and you know, when you when you reckless, that's what happens. you know what i mean? you know, a kid hand got blowed off. i feel bad for the kid, man. you know what i'm saying? because i wouldn't wish that on bad on nobody. but, you know, you got to be careful. what you doing out here? absolute fireworks. >> we don't have the young man's identity, but neighbors say it was a football player to local high school headed to college on a scholarship. we told, he lost several fingers in that blast. >> well, many people are looking to the water to beat the heat this weekend, but as ktvu zac sos shows us, recent drownings have first responders warning

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residents to keep safety top of mind. >> at baker beach in san francisco this july fourth weekend, throngs enjoying the sand and surf. but not everyone, perhaps aware it's really strong. >> so you have to be really careful about that. >> fred obermeyer, a scuba diver, so he knows all too well. >> people get swept out to the ocean, especially like through the golden gate bridge. >> the dangers of area, beaches, lakes and rivers highlighted by several drownings. this week. monday, the body of a missing san jose 15 year old pulled from the san joaquin river after he went under while retrieving a ball. then tuesday, a 37 year old father from oakland died while trying to rescue his daughter in the modesto reservoir and in sonoma county. a search ongoing for a man who went missing while swimming in the russian river this week. if you don't think it's safe to go in the water, don't go in the water. >> and that goes for the child and for you, san francisco fire captain jonathan baxter says all

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too often people just don't know their own abilities, particularly along the coast. keep this in mind. the rip currents in san francisco beaches are so strong that an adult in just ankle feet deep water can be pulled out into the surf line. >> while vishnu says he's keeping a healthy distance with his kids. >> yeah, because they're a little bit, not very balanced, you know, when the wave recedes. >> something else first responders say is important to remember. the water can be far colder than you might think, especially when you're drinking alcohol. >> you can succumb to hypothermia. you can succumb to exhaustion faster if you're on those substances. >> that's why firefighters say it's best not to mix drinking and swimming and surfer zach brain adds, definitely make sure that you're always with someone who can at least go get help if something bad happens. >> a lot of people underestimate it. they don't understand how powerful it is and how quickly

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something can can turn left, and something else to keep in mind. >> if you are planning to head to a san francisco beach this weekend, they are not staffed with lifeguards. that's why it's so important to follow that. bring a buddy rule here in san francisco. zac sos, ktvu, fox two news. >> president biden has now granted his first tv interview since last week's debate, making it clear he has no plans to drop out of the race. >> it's a bad episode. no indicator of any serious condition. i was exhausted. i didn't listen to my instincts. >> and did you ever. the president sat down with abc news anchor george stephanopoulos during the president's campaign appearance in wisconsin yesterday. coming up at 730, we'll have more of this interview along with reaction from ktvu political analyst brian sobel. >> i mean, it drove us to tears because they were jumping out of the water. they were just like gasping for air or whatever, you know, and it was very, very

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scary. >> the excessive heat wave causing a fishy problem in the east bay lake. why rising temperatures are leaving fish gasping for air. also ahead, this is the hardest thing you could ever go through. >> you know, especially if you've been put in sweat and tears day in and day out at oakland. >> gas station owner frustrated and in disbelief after dozens of robbers raid his store. >> not only locally have we set record high temperatures for the past four days, but around the state. how about 127 degrees? i'll show you where and how long this heat wave is going to last. your bay area forecast on deck. coming up right after this

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and help save us from outages. his business was raided by robbers. it happened early friday morning along hegenberger road near the airport. >> ktvu is amber lee spoke with the gas station owner, who says it took police hours to respond to calls for help. surveillance video shows a brazen flash mob style robbery of the 76 gas station mini market on hegenberger road in oakland. it happened early friday morning around 4:00. dozens of people ransacked the store owner, sam maday, tells me. the free for

7:14 am

all lasted about 40 minutes. >> this is the hardest thing you could ever go through, you know, especially if you've been put in sweat and tears day in and day out. >> this 24 hour business was offering only window service during the overnight hours, but maday says the thieves broke in through the front door while two employees were inside. >> you can see the shattered glassware here. this is the way they entered. >> he shared this video of the damage left by the thieves. they emptied shelves and display cases of merchandise, along with cash totaling $25,000 from the register and the atm that had just been filled for the holiday weekend. maday says he and his family had just taken over this business last august, building yourself for the last ten months, and then you're back to square one, he tells me he is aware that this area is a hotspot for thieves because of its proximity to the oakland airport, and travelers are considered easy targets. >> i did not think it's this

7:15 am

terrible. i thought maybe once every blue moon maday suspects the thieves are people who participated in a sideshow in the area. >> he says police did not respond to the robbery until almost nine hours later. it's very disheartening. >> i'm scared to go out after dark and i don't know, i just it's alarming. >> while we were at the store friday afternoon, a police unit pulled up and parked in the lot. we were told it is part of the violence suppression unit stationed at known crime hotspots. city council member trevor reed, who represents the area, issued a statement saying in part i continue to advocate and work to secure increased public safety resources and response, urging the mayor to prioritize our districts demands. >> hopefully, the right people will hear this message and start making the right moves, you know, to save the city, council member reed says those involved must be identified and held accountable. >> oakland police say investigators are now reviewing evidence in oakland. amber lee

7:16 am

ktvu fox two news. >> police in san rafael reminding all of us about the dangers of drinking and driving following a car crash in the terra linda neighborhood. the agency posted images here on x showing what officers found when they arrived to cedar hill drive thursday morning. police say an 18 year old driver crashed into several parked cars, and witnesses reported seeing someone inside the car pour out what appeared to be alcohol. officers determined the 18 year old was driving while under the influence at the time of the crash, after a field sobriety test, they were booked into marin county jail after being evaluated at a nearby hospital. >> a reminder that chp officers will be out in force this weekend for the holiday. maximum enforcement period. it began wednesday night, and it will continue until sunday evening. officers are looking for speeding, intoxicated or unsafe drivers. they also say they'll be trying to help those whose cars may have broken down in the heat. the chp is urging drivers

7:17 am

to designate a sober driver or use a rideshare. last year, 68 people died in crashes during the 4th of july holiday, and the chp made more than 1200 dui arrests. well, san francisco is almost ready to open a new waterfront park. the port of san francisco has overseen work on the bayfront park in mission bay for nearly two years, according to the san francisco standard. it is expected to open this fall. the 5.4 acre site is on the mission bay waterfront next to chase center. the park's developers say it will include spaces for various events, including a cafe. there will be native landscaping trails and design features that celebrate the bay's views. >> 716 a check of weather with roberta. if you like it, hot boy, move to the bay area. move to california. move to the west coast. >> it's too much, too much, roberta too much. >> i was mentioning to people in the newsroom earlier this morning that i was on this climate control conference call out of washington, d.c. last monday, and we were talking about the summers that we grew up with, that we just wrapped our arms around and embraced.

7:18 am

those are history. what we're experiencing now is going to become more of the norm with these absurd high temperatures and also how long they are prolonged as far as our heat waves are concerned. like this is the new norm due to climate control. and this is just a obliviated as far as the temperatures are concerned, needles yesterday at 122. needles is always hot, but this shattered a record. and that's another thing we're shattering records that were established way back in 1931. red bluff at 118. same in redding yesterday. sacramento hit 110. that was a brand new record. and death valley at 127 could see the all time record high on sunday, which is 134 degrees. so right now in the forecast is about 130. so we'll keep a watchful eye on that same thing with las vegas on tuesday. they're expecting 118 degrees. that could be the city's all time record high. now this is our live weather camera. this looks

7:19 am

refreshing. that fog bank is down to roughly 600ft. but watch our future cats. it's going to wipe away very rapidly. it's a thin, condensed layer. and by lunchtime everybody's basked in the sunshine before we see the penetration of the low clouds pushing back on shore. later tonight into the east bay shoreline. now temperatures right now 55 and half moon bay, and in santa rosa to 67 degrees and throughout the tri valley. this is what you need to know. first off, this is day five. in our prolonged heat wave, we have the warning and the advisory allowed to expire, but not until wednesday and next monday, the 15th of july, is when we will see all of us return to average high temperatures. meanwhile, red flag warning in effect for tonight. relative humidity down into the teens. winds are under ten miles per hour right now, for the most part, except for fairfield. these winds will pick up west and northwest 5 to 15mph. we are under that huge dome of high pressure. it's just sitting over the western states as it gradually does. finally nudge in an easterly direction.

7:20 am

that's when we expect those record high temperatures and the las vegas and phoenix areas as well as back in through palmdale, into palm springs as well. today, pick your neighborhood out. 69, in pacifica to 108 degrees in fairfield. these temperatures are very similar to what you experienced yesterday, but they will pan out to be cooler on your sunday. there you have it on sunday. less heat and when you see that 9896 degrees inland, that's still a good ten degrees above average gang. >> okay. thank you roberta. well, as roberta has been telling us, this heat wave is continuing and many people living inland and even by the coast, i think are tired of it. yes, we're tired of it. >> i would agree. which leads us to today's question of the day. we want to know how fatigued are you with the ongoing heat wave? the options are a few more days. that's okay. >> look at everyone being patient with the high temperature is ridiculous.

7:21 am

>> i'm over it. where's that one? overstayed its welcome. over it. yes, 37, roberta chimes in as well. ready for winter? yay! i'm not quite there. >> this is the bay area. >> we need three days of anything and then we're over it and we want something else. this is why we. this is why we live here. all right, well, you can vote at ktvu.com/vote, and we'll share more numbers throughout the morning in the meantime, coming up, plans to drive to yosemite national park. >> you better watch your speed while park officials are warning drivers. you got to slow down. coming up.

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with officials about how the heat is taking its toll on wildlife. >> lake elizabeth is a popular spot for fremont residents, but this week a shocking sight dead fish floating on the water, washing up on the shores. >> tuesday, we were here. i mean, it drove us to tears because they were jumping out of the water. they were just like gasping for air or whatever, you know, and it was very, very scary. >> on friday, city workers were bringing dead fish in by the boatload, estimated at more than 1,000 pounds of dead fish. so far, the city says they usually stock trout and catfish for an annual fishing event in april.

7:25 am

>> we are finding some dead catfish, but the majority of the fish that we are finding are the carp and the crappie fish and the sucker fish, which are all non-native to the lake. >> city officials called in a water quality specialist who says the extreme heat is to blame, affecting oxygen levels in the lake, which is only about four feet deep. >> the die off is mostly due to, the dissolved oxygen content in the lake. >> the normal, dissolved oxygen level in a lake such as this should be around five, and we're just under one. >> it seemed like they were trying to almost like congregate there to try to get more of whatever needs the oxygen or. yeah, fresh water. kimberly rowe and her husband, sam, shared this video of fish that seemed to be in distress near the spot where fresh run off comes from mission creek. >> i don't like to see so many, you know, the native native animals and they don't have a space to live. the city of fremont says they hope to finish the cleanup by the weekend and work on long term solutions. >> fremont says they also have

7:26 am

taken water samples to test for algae, and they say they are expecting the results of those tests sometime next week in fremont, jana katsuyama. ktvu fox two news. >> yosemite national park, a very popular destination for summertime goers. >> that's right. but park officials are issuing a warning to all drivers headed there. they say five black bears have been hit by cars in yosemite. and just this year, this image was posted by park officials to facebook. it's that sign that read speeding kills bears. those signs have actually been placed along the road to mark the locations where vehicles have struck bears. now, if you didn't get your fireworks show fixed, there is another chance to see them this weekend. >> that's true. the marin county fair is opening again today at 11, with activities for the entire family. later in the evening, ziggy marley, bob marley's son, a little reggae, will perform at 730 and the nightly fireworks show is

7:27 am

scheduled to kick off at 930. tonight should be a perfect night for fireworks tomorrow, by the way. final day of the fair, and today the warriors will introduce their latest draft pick. that's quinton post in the sixth annual california summer classic basketball showcase. >> he is among the players competing in a series of games at chase center. other young players affiliated with the warriors, sacramento kings, los angeles lakers and miami heat will also be in that showcase. and that includes lakers pick bronny james, a fan fest kicks off at thrive city that starts at 1130 today. well, former president donald trump is challenging president joe biden to another debate. details on the significant changes trump is proposing for that potential face off

7:28 am

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audi dealer. here in the mission district from happening today. coming up, we'll tell you the city's plans. >> thank you. betty and president biden giving his first interview since last week's presidential debate. how mr. biden is trying to reassure the public he's still fit for the job coming up. >> from ktvu, fox two news. this is mornings on two. >> all right. good morning, bay area. if you need a little bit of a heat beta, there, all you got to do is go to the golden gate bridge. right. look at

7:31 am

that. look at that. yeah, that marine layer. i like to see that. yeah. san francisco apparently has its own form of air conditioning, unlike brentwood and walnut creek and all the rest. so head to marin or head to the city, i guess is a place to go if you want to beat the heat. welcome back to mornings on two. >> i'm frank mallicoat and i'm claudine wong. let's continue to talk about this heat with meteorologist roberto gonzalez and you and i were talking earlier about how things have changed so much over the years, climate change and all these things playing into this that the temperatures that we're seeing and the patterns we're seeing for those of us who grew up in the bay area and have been here for a long time, it is catching a lot of people by surprise and we are shattering records that were established back in the 30s, or even in the 70s, like 1978 was a very hot year. >> but we are surpassing these temperatures by a handful and so this is really the new norm. but what is so impressive and so dangerous is just how long this prolonged heat wave is. and we've got ourselves a baseball

7:32 am

game. we're still celebrating the holiday. we've got an afternoon game. luis medina on the mound for the good guys, 84 degrees. slather on the sunblock. you know what i noticed? i went to a giants afternoon game. they were taking the sunblock away from people at the gate. so i don't think you can take it with you. you got to be prepared. heading on out and grab the sunblock. we still have that excessive heat warning in effect for today in our inland areas. bay side. it's an advisory records likely again today with elevated fire danger. we do have that red flag warning in effect, even though the return of the marine layer is knocking back the temperatures at the coast, 55 to 67 right now. later today, near 70, with the clearing of the skies at the sea shore to 108 inland, full forecast just minutes away, frank. >> all right, we'll see you in a bit. thank you. roberta, it's 732. topping our news at this half hour, the san francisco police department is out with a strong warning for anyone that's planning to attend the annual unpermitted skateboarding event known as the hill bomb in

7:33 am

dolores park. it's anticipated to happen sometime later today in ktvu. betty yu live at dolores park, with the city's plans to make sure it doesn't happen. good morning. >> good morning. frank, the san francisco police department is trying to get ahead of this event this year, saying that they plan to stop it from taking place here at dolores park. now, this is an unofficial event with no known organizers. still, if you take a look behind me, there are barricades all along dolores street here this morning already, in place between 18th and 21st street and the police department says they will be used for public safety reasons. because of the volatile nature of this hill bomb. now, skateboarders usually race down a steep part of dolores street during this annual event last year, the big crowds turned unruly and violent. sfpd said officers this year will be heavily deployed to stop the

7:34 am

event from happening. last year, police cited or arrested more than 100 people. muni vehicles were vandalized and the crowd also launched fireworks and other objects at officers. critics called the police response excessive. chief bill scott said friday property damage and violence will not be tolerated. >> the san francisco police department is not against skateboarding. it is not against people going out and skating around the city. as a matter of fact, we want people to have fun with their skateboards. but what we don't want and can't have is a community that has been taken over by criminal activity vandalism, assaults, assaults on officers, assaults on the public, unsuspecting pedestrians and motorists that are in danger when these events happen and when they're unorganized, unpermitted. >> sfpd said even though there's an instagram post stating that this event has been canceled, officers are still preparing for it. we should also note that

7:35 am

sfmta put a notice out saying streets around dolores park will be closed today from 4 to 10 p.m. and that includes dolores street between 18th and 21st. frank. >> all righty. betty yu, live for us at dolores park. thank you for that, betty. on to politics now. former president trump is now proposing a big change to his already scheduled second debate with president biden. this one would have no moderators. trump posted a statement on his social media site saying it to be, quote, no holds barred showdown and trump says this format would allow the two candidates to kind of fight it out without any interference. so far, the biden campaign has not formally responded to trump's debate challenge. president biden has granted his first tv interview. meanwhile, since last week's debate, as he tries to get his campaign for reelection back on track, the president sat down with abc news anchor george stephanopoulos during his campaign appearance

7:36 am

at madison, wisconsin, yesterday. the president, downplaying what many viewed as a disastrous performance in that first debate, was this a bad episode where the sign of a more serious condition, it was a bad episode, >> no indicator of any serious condition. i was exhausted, i didn't listen to my instincts in terms of preparing and a bad night. >> you know, you say you were exhausted, and i know you've said that before as well, but you came and you did have a tough month, but you came home from europe about 11 or 12 days before the debate, spent six days in camp david. why wasn't that enough rest time? enough recovery time? >> because i was sick. i was feeling terrible and president biden made it clear he has no intentions of ending his reelection campaign. >> that despite a growing number of democratic leaders who are exploring the possibility of replacing president biden as their party's candidate and our ktvu political analyst brian

7:37 am

sobel was among those closely watching president biden's interview. >> sobel says the president came off far better than he did in last week's debate, but says there were still moments in that interview that raised political red flags specifically when president biden was asked if he rewatched his debate performance. >> the response was, i don't think i did. well, you either did or you didn't. it's pretty important. one of the things that happens in campaigns is you always look at the playback. if it's televised or if it isn't, you meet with your advisers and say, here's where i did. well, here's where i didn't do well, the fact that he can't quite remember whether he looked at a replay is, is concerning. >> sobel says president biden has largely been successful during his past four years in the oval office. but he says the big question now is whether president biden can successfully lead the nation for another four years, he said in his interview

7:38 am

that he did not need a neurological test because the neurological test happens every day in his presidency. >> fine. but that doesn't speak to the fact that he has so many people around him, taking care of him. that kind of cognitive acuity test would be very precise about whether he's suffering from perhaps early dementia or some other related, situation. >> sobel says president biden's debate performance has dramatically increased concerns about his age and mental fitness. abc news is scheduled to host the second debate between the two candidates on september 10th. >> a $10 billion statewide bond measure that would fund several environmental projects here in california will appear on the upcoming november ballot this week. state lawmakers in sacramento approved the bill to put prop four before california voters. it would raise money for the state's expanding efforts to respond to climate change, global warming that would

7:39 am

include wildfire prevention, the drought and flood control. >> a fire outside a goodwill building in san jose has destroyed boxes of donations that fire started yesterday afternoon. this was at the goodwill of silicon valley's facility on north seventh street. fire officials say the fire started outside of a pile of donations in the back of the facility. clothing, books and other items were lost in that fire. a few vehicles were also damaged. firefighters say the heat is taking a toll on crews. >> fire is being fought by a lot of firefighters and some very hot, dry, windy conditions. it's taking its toll on the firefighters, so we see a lot of firefighters here on a fire that on a cold winter day, would have taken fewer firefighters because we have to give them a break. >> fire officials say the building was not damaged and no one was hurt. >> surveillance footage in berkeley caught the moment a young man was injured by a firework blast. a man who lives in the area says around 30 teenagers were setting off fireworks from the street

7:40 am

thursday night near the corner of fairview and harper, one of the firework appeared to be a dud, but exploded once the teen picked it up. emergency crews had to take him to the hospital. we don't have the young man's identity, but neighbors say he just graduated from high school. we are told he lost several fingers in that firework blast. >> well, the 4th of july is behind us, but illegal fireworks that were confiscated by police are still around, so what are police officers doing to get rid of them? fireworks are explosives, and it could cost thousands of dollars to properly dispose of them. >> you can't just dump them. you don't want to just blow them up because you can cause injury. you can cause wildland fires, if you're going to destroy them, they have to be at an armory at, like, a national guard spot where a military where they dispose of ordnance. it's that serious. >> clark county in nevada has entered into an agreement with local wholesalers and will resell everything back to manufacturers for pennies on the

7:41 am

pound. and that money made covers increased fireworks enforcement costs. >> happening today, california department of fish and wildlife hosting the first of two free fishing days of the year. that's right. californians can drop a line in the water today without a sport fishing license. promoters say it's a great low cost way to experience fishing. get the family involved. if you can't make it out today, there's a second free fishing day. mark your calendar for august the 31st. up next, hurricane beryl, heading towards the texas coast after devastating the gulf of mexico. now first responders are preparing for that tropical storm, and a new jobs report is out. >> what does it mean for the economy and your pocketbook? that

7:42 am

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7:44 am

getting closer to the goldilocks zone. not too hot and not too cold. >> it looks as if the job market is slowly but surely moving to where the federal reserve can justify cutting interest rates on homes, cars and credit cards. the 206,000 job gains is lower than the past year's monthly average of 226,000, but it's

7:45 am

still this still continued strong job gains. employment lawyer michael bernick is a former edd director, who notes that another key measure is also moving towards what the fed wants. >> the unemployment rate went up slightly from 4% to 4.1. it has gone up more over the past year. a year ago, it was 3.6. still, by historic measures, it's relatively low though job gains are slowing. >> this is a long, unbroken chain of job gains, and there are still 8.1 million posted jobs yet to be filled. >> but it is significantly lower than we had a year ago. >> nonetheless, 3.5 million voluntarily chose to quit their jobs and usually indicates the confidence that workers have that they can get other jobs. >> this confidence is also going down. >> private company hiring remains mostly flat, while jobs tied to government employment

7:46 am

are spending such as health care and social services are rising. former edd director bernick says that immigrants are pursuing and getting many of the new jobs on both ends of the earnings scale. >> some are in technology, the higher skilled, most are in service jobs, in the leisure and hospitality jobs and other service jobs. >> finally, year over year wage gains checked in at 3.9, slightly down from last month, but inflation at 3.3% reduces real wage gains to just over one half of 1% at a time when actual prices we pay for goods and services are 20% above a year ago. >> and i think that explains why, even though the unemployment rate is relatively low by historic standards, there's search economic in a sense, dissatisfaction or lack of confidence. >> tom vacar, ktvu, fox two news

7:47 am

time now is 746. >> a new tri agency partnership in east bay launching this week, bolstering outreach services for the unhoused community. the partnership is between the cities of el cerrito and san pablo and the contra costa county health, housing and homeless services pilot program started monday, july the first. it co-funds a full time service team that will provide on the ground outreach and a lot of support. funding is pooled from community benefit contributions made by local cannabis businesses. national hurricane center says barrel now has its sights set on texas. it's now expected to slam into the coast of that state late tomorrow night or early monday morning. as a dangerous hurricane. first responders in houston and many other parts of the state now making final preparations for the big storm and possible widespread flooding. >> we do have a strike team ready to respond in case that does happen. we're looking at

7:48 am

possibly a like nuisance flooding, street flooding, things of that nature. >> tropical storm beryl has already pounded mexico's top tourist destinations yesterday. that storm made landfall as a category two hurricane on the yucatan peninsula. >> extreme weather that we're watching there in extreme weather, we're watching here, roberto gonzalez watching our continued heat wave. and it is this prolonged heat that i think is the problem, roberta. i mean, i think i hear people say, okay, the first couple of days are fine, but if it doesn't cool off significantly at night, people are just exhausted and grumpy. >> it's a very good point. i went and walked my dog at 9:00 last night because i kept waiting for it to cool down, and it was 90 degrees. oh 90 degrees. but i kept saying, well, at least the sun is in baking and the concrete isn't as hot. >> 109 in lafayette yesterday. yeah, one to hot 109 also in the

7:49 am

livermore area as well. >> yeah, but the hottest day was wednesday at 110. we've been breaking records every day. yesterday it was the oakland museum at 82 degrees, which shattered the old record set back in 1981. it's live. it's our weather camera. a bit of haze out there due to the return of a ribbon of fog that's worked its way through the gate. we could see it just hugging the san mateo coast. now it backs off in the early afternoon hours. it's a very thin layer. not going to affect any of our inland temperatures at all. it will push back on shore later tonight in the overnight hours, 55 degrees currently to 67 degrees in livermore. it is now only 55 in santa rosa compared to the south, san jose is at 60 degrees, so here's what you need to know. the heat warning is still in effect for today. so is the advisory. similar temperatures today to yesterday? actually less heat on sunday. we do have a red flag warning. it has gone up also for the santa cruz mountains. the east bay hills and the north bay interior mountains. this huge dome of

7:50 am

high pressure that is right here. it's not just encompassing the state of california, it's affecting the pacific northwest. with the heat advisory in effect for the seattle area, an advisory for tahoe. we also have advisories and warnings for southern california. so this huge dome as it gradually nudges to the east, las vegas is forecasting a high of 118 on tuesday. if that is realized, that will be the all time city high temperature. these are dramatic records. this is a dramatic, prolonged heat wave. it's longer than the national weather service has ever seen here in the bay area. it does affect the outgoing outdoor activities. and we do have the alameda county fair going on the last days tomorrow. a lot of people are telling me they wait till the evening hours to head on out. whatever you do, they have misters there. they have lots of sno cones as well. just please pace yourself. there are indoor activities as well. now if you're in san anselmo today, 94 degrees 75, in san francisco, berkeley, you're averaging almost ten degrees above

7:51 am

average, 107 in danville and in alameda, you know, somebody's backyard is going to be hotter and cupertino 98 degrees. when i say hotter, it's also because of the amount of concrete and asphalt. it's like this heat island all right. so the bottom line is the warning. and the advisory is allowed to expire on wednesday. i'm trying to break this down for you. all areas will begin to see average summertime high temperatures here in the bay area. one week from today. temperatures today 69 to 108 degrees. so please hydrate hydrate hydrate. >> always good advice. hydrate people hydrate animals and be careful out there oakland animal services is looking for families to adopt some special senior dogs. the adoption center is at capacity with about a dozen senior dogs waiting for those forever homes, shelter officials say that senior dogs are sometimes the hardest to match

7:52 am

with the family. we did meet one dog who was waiting for his forever home, his foster mom told us all about max, the magnificent. >> he takes 2 to 2 walks a day and he's very happy and satisfied with that. and he loves adventures. car rides. he loves treats. he's very food motivated right away. >> so max is turning ten years old later this month in oakland. animal services is hoping that he will find his forever home just in time for his birthday. >> i hope he finds his home. he's a good looking dog. up nextthe aftermath. after a numerous 4th of july shows on lake tahoe. the trash left behind compared to last year's mess. you remember that for party goers better this year, we'll have a report card. >> and don't forget to weigh in on our question of the day. how fatigued are you by this ongoing heat? check it out. 31% of you say a few more days are okay.

7:53 am

most of you 44% say, look, this heat has overstayed its welcome. and hey, 25% of you say, where is winter? we are ready for that. we'd love to have you weigh i there's a qr code there up at the top corner of your screen, or you can go to our website,

7:54 am

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7:56 am

comes after thursday's fireworks show at the lake, which attracts monster crowds. as you know, this year, tahoe officials made it their mission to keep tahoe blue by keeping trash off the beaches as maricela de la cruz shows us crews were able to collect nearly a ton of debris in south lake tahoe. >> dog poop left in a bag. >> many geared up with gloves, bags and grabbers for the largest cleanup day of the year. if you walk around, you don't

7:57 am

see signs of a big party or a lot of people just throwing junk or trash around. >> so, i don't know. i think everyone's just paying attention and taking care of the community that they enjoy going to. >> ethan, are you ready? >> with more than 400 volunteers at six public beaches and one private one so far from what we've seen, lots of volunteers and not a lot of trash, which is what we want to see at lake tahoe. crews leading the cleanup were pleasantly surprised. >> last year was definitely an outlier. we had one beach with 6,000 pounds and that was just the most by far. typically over the last decade of doing these, we've averaged somewhere between 1500 and 2000 pounds per year at all the sites combined. >> organizers believe that some of the reasons why they're seeing less trash this year is due to increased awareness to keep the beaches blue, and an alcohol ban at some of the beaches during this holiday. volunteers include a team in the water to expand the cleanup as they try to keep tahoe blue, even though the poundage might be less. >> we're still finding a lot of

7:58 am

small pieces, and that small trash is just as impactful, like i said, because once it's in the lake, it's going to stay there and nobody wants to see plastic and trash in our lake in south lake tahoe, maricela de la cruz klay thompson posted a heartfelt tribute to his years as a golden state warrior on social media as he heads off to dallas to be a maverick. >> now it featured a photo of himself when he first signed with the team holding up the jersey, he wrote on instagram. it was such an honor to put the dubs jersey on from day one. i really just wanted to be the best i could be and help bring as many championships as possible to the region. best part was not the rings though, it was the friendships i made that will last a lifetime. >> well, from one splash brother to another steph curry in true steph fashion, was the first player to touch down in las vegas where team usa is holding its training camp ahead of the 2024 olympics in paris. the players, including lebron james, devin booker and jayson tatum, were required to arrive

7:59 am

yesterday before practices to get underway today, and they're looking to bring home the country's fifth straight gold medal. steph curry represented team usa for the fiba basketball world cup, but this is his first olympic games on a baseball giant. >> east coast road swing off to a great start after taking two out of three in atlanta. they won their opener last night in cleveland 4 to 2. and the guardians are a very good team. didn't take long to get a cooking. top number one michael conforto will do a little wall ball in here. that's trouble. give him a double. two rbis. giants go up three to nothing after one, and they flashed a little leather golden glove for matt chapman racing down the foul line and makes a nice grab. circus catch. giants go on to win it by a final of 4 to 2. good catch. how about the a's orioles at the coliseum. bottom number one down one miguel andujar will let it fly home run. third of the year one one game. o's got one in the second. austin hays with a two bag liner here. that's good for a double.

8:00 am

good for an rbi. as the a's fall by a single run. 3 to 2. >> all right, we're heading on 8:00 and a quick programing note. we are going to switch to ktvu plus at eight. this is for the euro quarterfinals. we're going to have a special match day live show that will be at two after the matches with myself and james torres. so mornings on two you can change the channel now to stay with us on tv 36 over the air or comcast channel six, or you can stay here to enjoy some soccer. >> you can watch soccer or news. what? what's better? >> oh my gosh. m be . home to copa america, the uefa women's 2025, the uefa women's championship and the fifa world cup 2026. the world's biggest soccer events are on fox sports

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