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Interjet SAT Terminal - San Antonio International Airport | +1-866-463-0405 - AirlinesTerminals (1)

Interjet Airlines operates at Terminal 1 of San Antonio International Airport. The airline offers its passengers a range of services that help them plan their travel efficiently. Passengers at Interjet SAT Terminal can request to book a new flight, make flight changes, upgrade their travel class, add extra baggage to their reservation, and more.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the services available at Interjet San Antonio International Airport terminal and the essential contacts you need to manage your booking smoothly.

Interjet Terminal Information SAT International Airport (SAT)

Here is all the information you need to know about Interjet Airlines SAT Terminal –

Airport NameSan Antonio International Airport
Airport CodeSAT
Airline Code115
Address9800 Airport Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
Contact Number1 210-207-3433
Air Serbia Terminal SATTerminal 1
Arrival TerminalTerminal 1
Departure TerminalTerminal 1
Ticket CounterDeparture Hall, Terminal 1.

What Terminal is Interjet at SAT?

Interjet flies out of Terminal 1 at San Antonio International Airport (SAT). Being a bustling hub, the airline offers a range of amenities and services that boost passengers’s travel experience.

Interjet SAT Terminal features a check-in counter, baggage drop desk, and immigration services thus ensuring hassle-free travel whether you’re a new traveler or seasoned.

Terminal 1 also includes duty-free shops and other retail outlets that help them purchase everything from travel essentials to luxury items.

Interjet SAT Departure Terminal

Upon arrival at Interjet SAT Terminal 1, visit the check-in counter. Being one of the busiest airports it is advisable to complete the online check-in. This way you can save time at the airport and avoid long queues.

Interjet San Antonio International Airport Terminal allows passengers to complete the check-in at the airport provided passengers must arrive at the destination 3 hours before the scheduled flight.

Collect your boarding pass and move to the security screening area. The multiple screening counters will help reduce the waiting time. However, please expect the security process to be completed by at least 1-1.5 hours.

Once you go through the security, plenty of shopping and dining outlets exist at the Boarding Hall. when it comes to dining, the terminal offers everything from fine dining to grab-and-go and several options for casual dining.

The departure gates are mentioned in your boarding passes. Boarding begins 1 hour before and closes 30 minutes before scheduled departure.

Interjet SAT Arrival Terminal

Interjet flights arrive at Terminal 1 of SAT International Airport, the primary hub for Interjet Airlines.

After you disembark, you need to follow the signs to customs and immigration. You must present your passport and other paperwork to ensure a speedy process.

Following immigration, go to the baggage claim area with multiple carousels where luggage will be delivered at the designated carousel. Passengers need to identify their flight number and visit their respective carousel.

After collecting the baggage you need to proceed to customs, Declare those regulated items and they may be screened further.

Once you exit the arrival hall, there are various ground transportation options car rentals, AirTran SAT, taxi-hailing services, and buses.

List of All Interjet Terminals.

Interjet Lost and Found Office at SAT Terminal

Passengers who have lost the item at Interjet SAT Terminal 1 must contact the local service baggage office at the Arrival Halls.

In case of damaged or delayed items, you need to speak to the baggage service counter and file a report. The baggage service counter is located on the curbside of the Arrival Halls at SAT Terminal 1.

Map Interjet SAT Terminal

Refer to this map for Interjet San Antonio International Airport Terminal that helps passengers locate all the amenities and facilities at the airport –

Manage Booking services by Interjet SAT Terminal

Interjet allows you to manage your reservation at the last minute at Interjet SAT Terminal provided the following services mentioned below must be requested 3 hours before the scheduled departure –

  • Flight changes
  • Flight cancelation
  • Last-minute flight reservation
  • Name correction
  • Unaccompanied minor travel
  • Airport check-in
  • Seat selection
  • Class of service upgrade
  • Add passengers to your existing reservation (at the airport)
  • Add infant to your existing reservation (at the airport)
  • Add extra baggage allowance

Flight Delay, Cancellation at Interjet SAT Terminal

The airline will offer regular updates at the Interjet San Antonio International Airport terminal 1 if your flight is disrupted. You can check for the latest updates through the LED screens or public announcements. You can also contact the Interjet representatives at the airport.

Always ensure that you have provided accurate information regarding your contact within the Manage Booking tab. This way you will get the regular notification through SMS. This is very helpful for passengers who do not have internet access at the terminal.

Passengers whose flight is delayed for at least 3 hours or have a last-minute flight cancellation have the following options –

  • Claim a refund for the unused portion of the ticket
  • Request flight change to a different time, date, or destination

Besides, passengers are also entitled to claim compensation for the flight delay as well as flight disruption.

Services/Amenities at Interjet SAT Terminal 1

Passengers have access to the following amenities at Interjet Airlines San Antonio International Airport Terminal –

ATMGate 4
ICE Currency ServicesArrivals
Charging StationWelcome Center outside Arrivals Area
RestroomsDepartures, Level 3 (near Gate 4)
Service Animal/Pet Relief AreaOutside, Arrivals Area, East End
ATMDepartures Level – West
RestroomsCheck-In (Pre Passport Control)
RestroomsMezzanine Level 4 (Food court) area
Charging StationGates 5, 7, 8
Bag storage by SmartCarteTerminal 1
ATMArrivals Level – West
RestroomsArrivals, Level 1 (West) area
Welcome CenterOutside Arrivals Area
RestroomsDepartures, Level 3 (near Gate 5)
ATMGate 3
RestroomsCheck-In (near water fountain/Baggage claim 5)
ICE Currency ServicesCenter Concourse
Nursing StationsGate 1 outside the Air France Lounge
RestroomsDepartures, Check-In, Level 3 (East) area
RestroomsDepartures, Level 3 (near Gates 1-3)
RestroomsCheck-In (near phones/Baggage claim 5)
RestroomsDepartures, Level 3 (West) area
RestroomsArrivals, Level 1 (East) area
ATMFood Court

Interjet SAT Terminal offers a wide of services and amenities that ensure a quality travel experience for passengers. Besides, passengers also have the option to request all the aspects of booking at the Interjet terminal. This way, the airline offers a seamless travel experience and helps passengers fly hassle-free.


Which terminal does Interjet use at SAT Airport?

Interjet uses Terminal 1 at San Antonio International Airport.

How do I get to Interjet’s terminal at SAT Airport?

Passengers after arriving at San Antonio International Airport must head to Terminal 1 and look for the sign board for Interjet Airlines.

Where can I find the Interjet Airlines lounge at SAT Terminal 1?

Interjet does not have a dedicated lounge at SAT Terminal 1. Passengers can access other lounges available at Terminal 1 such as the American Express Centurion Lounge, Priority Pass Lounge, and more.

Has Interjet always operated out of the same terminal at SAT?

Yes, Interjet, since its launch at SAT International Airport, has always operated as the primary hub here. The airline is an international gateway to Central and South America.

Interjet SAT Terminal - San Antonio International Airport | +1-866-463-0405 - AirlinesTerminals (2024)
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