Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (2024)

Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (1)


School of MusicThe University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

August 9 — August 15,1985

Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (2)

Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (3)

InformationDaily Registration Rate of $20/day (all scheduled eventsfor the day)*

Masterclasses — Masterclasses will be scheduled during andaround the various other events listed in the schedule for theBlack American Music Symposium. Most will be scheduledin various rooms and halls in the School of Music on NorthCampus. While these are designed for the benefit of theregistrants and scholarship students, others may feel free toattend as observers and auditors. Scholarship students shouldfeel free to request such coaching and conversation with theSymposium composers, performers, and scholars, and to bringmusic of Black American composers to exchange with them.

Exhibits of selected Black American artists will be on displayat various locations on the University's campus during theweek of the Symposium.

Hospitality Room — A hospitality room will be designatedin the Ann Arbor Inn for Symposium registrants.

College Credit — College credit is available to those whowish it for attendance and participation in the events of theSymposium. The fee for such credit is $50.00 for one hourof University of Michigan Extension Credit. For furtherinformation on this, inquire at Room 2308, School of MusicBuilding, North Campus.

Special Instructions — Symposium participants are remindedthat other summer session classes and activities are beingcarried on in other rooms of buildings in which Symposiumevents are scheduled. Participation in those sessions is closedunless special permission or notification is clearly posted.

Acknowledgments — The Ann Arbor Chapter of the Links, Inc.,in gratitude for their co-sponsorship of the reception after theopening concert.

Kings Keyboard House, 115 E. Liberty, Ann Arbor, for the use ofthe Yamaha electric organ during the performance of GospelFuse.

Jim Bradley Pontiac-Cadillac-GMC, Inc., for special transporta¬tion arrangements.

The use of cameras, flashes, and tape recorders duringconcerts is strictly prohibited.

*A11 evening concerts open to the public free of charge.

Table of Contents

Welcome 2

Friday, August 9 3

Saturday, August 10 4

Sunday, August 11 6

Monday, August 12 8

Tuesday, August 13 10

Wednesday, August 14 12

Thursday, August 15 14

Seminar Participant Biographies 15

Planning Conference Staff

Dr. David Baker

Mr. Wayne BrownDr. Brenda Kee

Dr. Vada Butcher

Dr. Yvonne Cheek

Mr. Brazeal Dennard

Dr. Samuel FloydMs. Cecile Keith

Ms. Toni Marie MontgomeryMr. Kermit Moore

Mr. Oral Moses

Willis Patterson

Dr. Eileen Southern

Dr. Geneva SouthallMr. Michael Smith

Dr. James StandiferDr. Billy TaylorDr. Oily Wilson

With the support of the Michigan Council for the Arts, the National Endowment for theArts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra,and The University of Michigan.

Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (4)

The Black American Music Symposium being held here at the University of Michigan School of Music this week isperhaps the most ambitious and potentially significant series of discussions and performances designed to emphasize thevitality and importance of the contribution of Black American musicians to the musical/cultural development of ourcountry which has ever been attempted. The work involved in orchestrating this event (the pre-planning began more thantwo years ago), the animated discussions emphasizing the need for a broad-spanned display in the performance of BlackAmerican music during this Symposium (which permeated our planning committee meetings) — all this and more areexpected to be justified and realized during this week of activities. The performers, scholars, and young scholarship guestsof the symposium are uniquely equipped to bring this immense potential to fruition. The scheduling of musical works anddiscussions, special in their blend of influences of the best of the western music traditions of Europe, often tantalizinglylaced with important music flavorings from the Orient, and heavily molded and mixed with the Black American musicalexperience (with its rhythmical/harmonic roots in the African Diaspora) is prepared and ready to be served to you withthe intent that your musical taste buds will never again be quite the same!

Before we launch into this Symposium, however, permit me to call your attention to, and invite your appreciation of,a number of persons who have been indispensable in bringing together this week of events. First, let me thank our planningcommittee, who met the first time in October, 1983, and again in the middle of last year. Their names are listed elsewherein this booklet. Next, on my list of "gratitude-due," are Rosemary Gooden and Wendell Mason, who contributed so muchto the design of the Symposium brochure; my managers, who have handled the "hairy" details of orchestra rehearsalscheduling and contacting composers, publishers, and players, and who will be even busier making things logistically and"equipmentally" right for the week — Larry Kaptain and Shawn Howard; the University Printing personnel, Karen Cogsdilland Brett Ashley, whose patience with the late arrival of program materials was saintly; the National Endowments for theArts and Humanities; the Michigan Council for the Arts; the University of Michigan School of Music personnel and thecentral administration whose finances and facilities are important to this event beyond adequate verbal description; thearduous and dependable work of my secretary and assistant, Michele Williams, and the secretary to the Assistant Dean forUndergraduate Studies, Mrs. Faye Burton; and last but by no means least, the generous giving and deep sense of commitmentexpressed by the performing artists and scholars who made immense compromises in their usual fees for such performancesas they will give this week, so that this event can be one of important artistic significance and learning to all of those inattendance.

It is our hope that each of you here, in attendance to any or all of these events, will leave with a new sense ofunderstanding and appreciation of Black American music, and a commitment to see it have more appropriate placementin our music halls, schools, publications, and consciousness.

Willis PattersonAssociate Dean

Symposium Director

Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (5)

Reginald Buckner

Alvin Batiste

Carlesta Henderson

Eddie Meadows

Ted McDaniel

Adolphus Hailstork

Hale Smith

Undine S. Moore Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson

FridayAugust 9, 19851:00-5:00pmRegistration(Lobby of Ann Arbor Inn orLobby of School of Music, University of Michigan,North Campus)

4:00-6:30pmPanel Discussion

Teaching Black American Music: Part I"Teacher Education in Music for 1990s:Input from The Black Perspective"(School of Music Recital Hall)Reginald Buckner (Moderator), Professor of Music (JazzStudies) and Afro-American Studies, School of Music andCollege of Liberal Arts, University of MinnesotaAlvin Batiste, Professor of Music (Clarinet and Jazz),Southern University, Baton Rouge, LouisianaEddie Meadows, Professor of Music (Music Education),San Diego State UniversityWilliam Theodore McDaniel, Jr., Professor of Jazz andAfro-American Music

Carlesta Henderson, Professor of Music (Music Education),Division of Arts and Humanities, Keene State College,Keene, New Hampshire. President, National Black MusicCaucus (MENC)


Lift Every Voice and Sing Hale SmithAn American Port of Call.. Adolphus HailstorkInnerflexions Hale Smith(Power Center for the Performing Arts)IntermissionScenes From

The Life of a Martyr Undine S. Moore(To the Memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.)Laura English-Robinson, Soprano, Atlanta, GeorgiaWilliam Brown, Tenor, University of North Florida,JacksonvilleHilda Harris, Mezzo-Soprano, Metropolitan Opera, New YorkWillis Patterson, Bass/NarratorThe Black American Music Symposium ChoraleThe Detroit Symphony Orchestra(Gunther Herbig, Musical Director and Conductor)Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson, Conductor

Reception following concert at the Ann Arbor Inn Ballroom


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (6)

SaturdayAugust 10, 1985

Doris McGinty


Formal Opening Session(Rackham Auditorium)Introduction: Willis Patterson. Director of SymposiumRemarks: Paul Boylan, Dean, University of Michigan Schoolof Music

Welcome: Billy E. Frye, Vice-President, Provost, Universityof MichiganKeynote Address: William Warfield, Professor and Chairman,Voice Department, University of Illinois; President, NationalAssociation of Negro Musicians


Reading of a paper entitled,

Philosophy & Definition of Black Women'sResearch in Afro-American Music

(Rackham Auditorium)fosephine Wright, Professor of Music History, College ofWooster, Ohio

1:30pmChamber Concert

Compositions of Black American Women(School of Music Recital Hall)

2:30pmPanel Discussion

Black Women in Music: Research and History(School of Music Recital Hall)Doris McGinty (Moderator), Chairman, Music Department,Howard UniversityOra Williams, Professor of English, California State UniversityEdith Borroff, Professor of Music, State University ofNew York

Rae Linda Brown, Ph.D. Candidate, Yale UniversityMildred Denby Green, Professor of Music, Lemoyne-OwenCollege, Tennessee


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (7)

Ollie McFarland

Paul R. Lehman James StandiferaJr^

Leona Wilkins

4:30pmPanel Discussion

Teaching Black American Music: Part IITeacher Training(School of Music Recital Hall)Ollie McFarland (Moderator), Director, Music Education,Detroit Public Schools

Leona Wilkins, Professor of Music Education, NorthwesternUniversity, Evanston, IllinoisPaul Lehman, Associate Dean, University of Michigan Schoolof Music, President, Music Educators National ConferenceJames Standifer, Professor of Music Education, University ofMichigan,- Director, Eva Jessye College


Clarence Smith Community ChorusToledo, OhioClarence Smith, Conductor

(Lydia Mendelssohn/Michigan League)


Heritage String Quartet of New York(Rackham Auditorium)Works by: Nunez Garcia, William Grant Still, Ulysses Kay

Piano Quartet Kermit MooreToni Marie Montgomery, Pianist

Kermit Moore


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (8)

Clarence Whiteman

Wendell Whalum

Herman Taylor

Kenneth Billups

SundayAugust 11, 1985ll:00am-12:30pmThe Worship Music of Black AmericansReverend Emmett Green, Pastor

(Second Baptist Church, 850 Red Oak, Ann Arbor, Michigan)Wendell Whalum, SpeakerFuller Calloway Professor of Music and Chairman,Music Department, Morehouse College, Atlanta, GeorgiaClarence E. Whiteman, OrganistProfessor of Music, Virginia State UniversityOur Own Thing ChoraleWillis Patterson, Director

1:00-2:00pmOrgan Concert

Organ Music of Black American Composers(First Congregational Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan)Herman Taylor, OrganistProfessor of Music (Organ), Dillard University, New Orleans,Louisiana

2:30-4:00pmPanel Discussion

The Black Chorale Tradition (Concert Music)(Pilgrim Hall, First Congregational Church, Ann Arbor,Michigan)Kenneth Billups (Moderator), Supervisor of Music, St. LouisPublic Schools

Evelyn White, Professor Emeritus, Howard University,Washington, D.C.Noel Da Costa, Composer-Conductor, New YorkRobert Harris, Professor of Choral Music, NorthwesternUniversity, IllinoisAlexandria Holloway, Professor of Music, Miami-DadeCollege, Miami, Florida

Noel Da Costa Evelyn White Robert Harris


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (9)


Horace Boyer

Roland Braithwaite

Faye Burton Bernice Reagon

August 11, 1985 (continued)


Choral Music of Black American Composers

(First Congregational Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan)The Brazeal Dennard Chorale, Detroit, MichiganBrazeal Dennard, Conductor

5:30-7:00pmPanel Discussion

The Black Choral Tradition (Folk Music)(Rackham Auditorium)Horace Boyer (Moderator), University of Massachusettsat Amherst

Roland Braithwaite Talladega College, AlabamaBernice Reagon, Program Director in Black American Culture,Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.Wendell Whalum, Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia


Gospel Fuse Carman Moore(Power Center for the Performing Arts)Claritha Buggs (Soloist), Mezzo-Soprano, Detroit, MichiganStephanie Smith, Soprano, Ann Arbor, MichiganEdie Burton, Soprano, Ann Arbor, MichiganFaye Burton, Mezzo-Soprano, Ann Arbor, MichiganCedric Dent, Gospel Pianist, Detroit, MichiganAndra Felton, Gospel Organist, Detroit, MichiganColeridge-Taylor Perkinson, Conductor, New York CityBlack American Music Symposium Orchestra

Musique d'AfriqueNouvelle Orleans Alvin Batiste

Alvin Batiste, Clarinet (soloist)

Suite for Orchestra andJazz Pianist Billy Taylor

Billy Taylor, SoloistThis performance made possible with partial funding from the AmericanFilm Funds Trust Fund, Kenneth E. Raine, Trustee.

Edie Burton Claritha Buggs


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (10)

MondayAugust 12, 19859:00amLecture

Jazz — America's Classical MusicBilly Taylor, Jazz Pianist, Composer, Author(Rackham Auditorium)

10:00amPanel Discussion

Black Music Research

Richard Crawford Geneva Southall

(Rackham Auditorium)Samuel Floyd (Moderator), Professor of Music and Director,Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College, Chicago,Illinois

Dominique Rene de Lerma, Professor of Music and GraduateMusic Coordinator, Morgan State University, Baltimore,Maryland

Richard Crawford, Professor of Music History, University ofMichigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2:00pmPanel Discussion

Black American Music: Jazz Part I(Improvisation)(School of Music Recital Hall)David Baker (Moderator), Professor of Music and ChairmanJazz Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington, IndianaWendell Logan, Professor of Music, Composer, OberlinCollege, OhioEddie Meadows, Professor of Music, San Diego StateUniversityBilly Taylor, Jazz Pianist and Composer, New York

Geneva Southall, Professor of Afro-American Music,University of Minnesota

11:30amChamber Music Concert and Luncheon

(Michigan League Hussey Room and Ballroom)


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (11)

Mary Easter

Jester Hairston Eva Jessye

MondayAugust 12, 1985 (continued)

3:30pmLecture Recital

Black American Music and Dance

(School of Music Recital Hall)Mary Easter, Professor of Dance, Carleton College, Northfield,Minnesota

4:30pmPanel Discussion

Performing Black American Music:Early Pioneers(School of Music Recital Hall)Hansonia Caldwell (Moderator), Dean, College of Arts,University of California at Dominquez HillsEva Jessye, Composer, Conductor, Author, Ambassador ofthe Arts, Kansas

Jester Hairston, Composer, Conductor, Los Angeles,California

Undine Smith Moore, SpeakerPetersburg, Virginia

Our Own Thing Chorale


"Negro Spirituals"(School of Music Rehearsal Hall)Our Own Thing Chorale of Ann Arbor


Piano Music of Black American Composers(Rackham Auditorium)Althea Waites, Pianist, Los Angeles, California

Althea Waites


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (12)

Oily Wilson

TuesdayAugust 13, 1985

Bob James Frank Tirro


The Black American Composer and theOrchestra in the 20th Century(Alumni Hall Founders Room)Oily Wilson, Professor of Composition andComposer-in-Residence, University of California at Berkeley

10:00amPanel Discussion

Performance and Non-Performance ofBlack American Music

(Alumni Hall Founders Room)Hale Smith (Moderator), Composer, Professor of Music,University of Connecticut at StorrsFrederick Tillis, Director, Fine Arts Center, University ofMassachusetts

Kermit Moore, Cellist/Composer/Conductor, New York CityUlysses Kay, Composer and Distinguished Professor of Music,Lehman College, New YorkT. J. Anderson, Composer and Distinguished Professor ofMusic, Tufts University, Massachusetts

11:30amPanel Discussion

Black American Music: Jazz Part II (History)(Alumni Hall Founders Room)Warrick Carter (Moderator), Dean of the Faculty, BerkleeSchool of Music, MassachusettsAlvin Batiste, Professor of Music and Director of JazzProgram, Southern University, Baton Rouge, LouisianaBob James, Jazz Pianist, Recording Artist, New YorkFrank Tirro, Dean, School of Music, Yale UniversityReginald Buckner, Professor of Music, University ofMinnesota, Jazz Pianist

1:30pmChamber Concert

No More Oily Wilson(Rackham Auditorium)William Brown, Tenor and Symposium Chamber EnsembleThis performance made possible with partial funding from the Ann ArborLocal of the American Federation of Musicians Performance Trust Fund.


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (13)

George Walker Roger Dickerson

Morris Lawrence

Thomas Bridge

Edward Szabo

TuesdayAugust 13, 1985 (continued)

2:30pmPanel Discussion

Black Orchestral Compositions(School of Music Recital Hall)Adolphus Hailstork (Moderator), Professor of Composition,Norfolk State UniversityColeridge-Taylor Perkinson, Composer/Conductor/Performer,New York CityGeorge Walker, Composer, Professor of Music, RutgersUniversity

Roger Dickerson, Composer, President, Creative ArtistAlliance, New Orleans, Louisiana

4:00pmChamber Music Concert

(School of Music Recital Hall)

5:00pmPanel Discussion

Black Arts and Economic, Cultural, andPolitical State of the Black Community(School of Music Recital Hall)Georgia Ryder (Moderator), Dean, Liberal Arts, Norfolk StateUniversityThomas Bridge, Coordinator, Music, Virginia State UniversityHarold Cruse, Professor Emeritus and former Director, Centerfor Afro-American and African Studies, University ofMichiganMary Easter, Professor of Dance, Carleton College, MinnesotaArthur Johnson, Vice-President, Wayne State University,Detroit, MichiganWilliam Warfield, President, National Association ofNegro Musicians, Illinois


(Power Center for the Performing Arts)Dance Suite Florence PriceEdward Szabo, ConductorIn Memoriam (Malcolm X) .... T. J. AndersonHilda Harris, Mezzo-Soprano, Metropolitan Opera, New YorkT. J. Anderson, ConductorJazz Trilogy Morris LawrenceMorris Lawrence, ConductorMeditations in Passage Hale SmithLaura English-Robinson, Soprano, Atlanta, GeorgiaWillis Patterson, Bass/BaritoneEdward Szabo, ConductorThis performance made possible with partial funding from the AmericanFilm Funds Trust Fund, Kenneth E. Raine, Trustee.


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (14)


Leslie Adams

WednesdayAugust 14, 19859:00amPanel Discussion

Perspectives on Black Music History(Rackham Auditorium)Eileen Southern (Moderator), Prof, of Music and ofAfro-American Studies, Harvard UniversitySamuel Floyd, Prof, of Music and Director, Center for BlackMusic Research, Columbia College, Chicago, IllinoisDoris McGinty, Chairman, Music Dept., Howard UniversityMildred Denby Green, Prof, of Music, LeMoyne-OwenCollege, TennesseeBenjamin Bailey, Chairman, Music Department, TougalooCollege, Tougaloo, MississippiRoland Braithwaite, Talledaga College, Alabama

10:30amPanel Discussion

Black American Artsongs:Its Historical Impact(Rackham Auditorium)Aldrich Adkins (Moderator), Chairman, Music Department,Southern University, Baton Rouge, LouisianaDorothy Rudd Moore, Composer/Performer, New York CitySylvia Lee, Coach/Accompanist, Curtis Institute of Music,Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaGeorge Shirley, Performer, Professor of Music, University ofMarylandSara McFerrin, Chairman, Voice Department, FullertonCollege, California

1:00pmChamber Concert

Artsongs of Black American Composers(Rackham Auditorium)Hilda Harris, Mezzo-Soprano, Metropolitan Opera, New YorkLaura English-Robinson, Soprano, Atlanta, GeorgiaWilliam Brown, Tenor, University of North Florida,Jacksonville, FloridaRawn Spearman, Baritone, University of Lowell,Massachusetts

2:30pmPanel Discussion

Black Opera and Blacks in Opera(School of Music Recital Hall)Michael Gordon (Moderator), Dean of Students, Universityof Indiana

Leslie Adams (Blake), Cleveland, Ohio


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (15)

WednesdayAugust 14, 1985 (continued)

T. J. Anderson (Soldier Boy, Soldier), Tufts UniversityDorothy Rudd Moore (Frederick Douglas), New York CityValerie Capers (Sojourner), Bronx Community College,CUNY, New YorkHilda Harris, Metropolitan Opera, New York CityWilliam Warfield, Chairman, Voice Faculty, Universityof Illinois

4:00pmChamber Orchestra Concert (Rackham Auditorium)

Sport for Strings Adolphus HailstorlcSymphonietta .... Coleridge-Taylor PerkinsonLyric for Strings George WalkerAlous Ulysses KayHarold Jones, Soloist-FluteKermit Moore, Conductor, New York CityThis performance made possible with partial funding from the Ann ArborLocal of the American Federation of Musicians Performance Trust Fund.

5:00pmPanel Discussion

Performing Black American Music:Recent Pioneers

(School of Music Recital Hall)George Shirley (Moderator), Professor of Music, University ofMaryland; formerly with Metropolitan OperaRobert McFerrin, St. Louis, Missouri; formerly withMetropolitan OperaWilliam Foster, Director of Bands and Chairman, MusicDepartment, Florida A & M UniversityOrrin Suthern, Retired, Lincoln University, Pennsylvania;Oakland, CaliforniaBetty Allen, Director, Harlem School for the ArtsSylvia Lee, Coach/Accompanist, Curtis Institute of Music,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


(Michigan Union)


(Michigan Union Ballroom)Huel D. Perkins, SpeakerVice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, LouisianaState University

10:00pmRelaxing at the "Bird of Paradise"

Valerie Capers

Kermit Moore

Orrin Suthern

Dorothy Rudd Moore

William Foster

Harold Jones


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (16)

Wayne S. Brown

Catherine French

Yvonne Cheek

ThursdayAugust 15, 19859:00am

Archie Buffkins

Panel Discussion

Black Music and the Music Industry(School of Music Recital Hall)Wayne Brown (Moderator), Manager, Springfield SymphonyOrchestra, Springfield, MassachusettsCatherine French, Chief Executive Officer, AmericanSymphony Orchestra League, Washington, D.C.Bernard Kalban, Edward B. Marks Music Publishers,New York CityEsther Edwards, Vice-President, Motown, Detroit, MichiganHale Smith, Composer, New YorkRaoul Abdul, Music Critic, Amsterdam News, New YorkCecile Keith, Special Events Manager, Detroit SymphonyOrchestra, Detroit, Michigan

10:30amPanel Discussion

Performing Black American Music:The Role of Arts Centers,Foundations, and Endowments(School of Music Recital Hall)Yvonne Cheek (Moderator), Director, Educational Programs,Humphrey Institute for Public Affairs, University ofMinnesota

Archie Buffkins, President and Multicultural Advisor,JFK Center for Performing Arts, Washington, D.C.Huel D. Perkins, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs,Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LouisianaD. Antoinette Handy, Assistant Director of Music,National Endowment for the Arts, Washington, D.C.

12:00 noon

Chamber Concert and Closing Luncheon(Michigan Union Ballroom)Undine Smith Moore, SpeakerPetersburg, Virginia

Undine S. Moore


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (17)

"TTUc^C—Seminar Participants

Abdul-Rahim, Raoul. Writer. He began his career as a concertbaritone; he studied privately with Lola Hayes, Alexander Kipnis,Ives Tinarye, and at the Vienna (Austria) Academy of Music. Hemade his debut in April, 1955 at Karamu Theatre in Cleveland,OH; he made his New York debut in December, 1967 at theCarnegie Recital Hall. In 1958 he founded the Coffee ConcertSeries of Harlem and served as its director for several years.In 1975 he became music critic of the Amsterdam News and a

member of the Music Critics Association. His principal musicpublications are Famous Black Entertainers of Today andBlacks in Classical Music.

Adams, Harrison Leslie. Composer. Leslie Adams was born inCleveland, OH. At Oberlin he studied composition with HerbertElwell and Joseph Wood. After receiving his Bachelor's degreefrom Oberlin he resided in New York City, and studied privatelywith Robert Starer and Vittorio Giannini. Adams taught at thesecondary and college levels for a period, before returning toCleveland to serve as an associate musical director at KaramuHouse in 1964. He enrolled in California State Universityat Long Beach and received his Master's degree in composition.He entered the Ohio State University and received his doctoratefrom that institution. After teaching for ten years at theUniversity of Kansas, Adams left to devote full time tocomposing. He is currently composer-in-residence at KaramuHouse, Cleveland, OH. Adams' works for orchestra include:"First Symphony," "Ode to Life," and "Piano Concerto;"A Kiss in Xanadu (ballet); and Blake (opera in progress).

Adkins, Aldrich W. Tenor, Conductor. He was born inAlexandria, VA and was educated in the public schools there andin Washington, D.C. He received a Bachelor and Master of Musicfrom Howard University in Washington, D.C. The Doctorate ofMusic Arts was received at The University of Texas in Austin,TX. He has studied choral techniques with Warner Lawson, OlafChristiansen, Peter Tkach, Roger Wagner, and Julius Herford. Hehas studied voice with Todd Duncan, Alice Duschak, and SaraLee. Adkins has taught at Storer College, Howard University,Virginia State College, Huston-Tillotson College, SpelmanCollege, and is at present Chairman, Division of Music, SouthernUniversity in Baton Rouge, LA. He has appeared with TheAtlanta Symphony, The Baltimore Symphony, The NationalSymphony, and The Boston Pops. A college choir director for over30 years, his choirs have appeared with The RichmondSymphony, The Baton Rouge Symphony, and the Austin TexasSymphony. He has traveled the country giving lectures andlecture recitals on Black Music.

Allen, Betty Lou. Mezzo-Soprano, Administrator. She obtainedher musical education at Wilberforce College in Ohio and at theHartford College of Music in Connecticut. She attracted theattention of Leonard Bernstein during her study at the BerkshireMusic Festival in Tanglewood, MA, and he invited her to sing inthe performance of his Jeremiah Symphony. She sang the role ofSt. Teresa II in Virgil Thompson's Four Saints in Three Acts in

the New York production and repeated the role in a Paris, Franceproduction. In 1958 she made her concert debut at Town Hall inNew York. Thereafter she toured widely in the United States andabroad, giving recitals and appearing with symphony orchestras,music festivals, and recording for both American and Europeancompanies. Her teaching career included tenures as lecturer orartist-in-residence at the Manhattan School of Music in NewYork, the Philadelphia (PA) Music Academy; the SibeliusAkademie at Helsinki, Finland; and the North Carolina Schoolof the Arts in Winston-Salem. In 1980 she succeeded DorothyMaynor as director of the Harlem School of the Arts in New York.

Anderson, Thomas Jefferson. Composer, College Professor. Heobtained his musical education in the public schools ofWashington, D.C., Cincinnati, OH, and Coatesville, PA; at WestVirginia State College Institute,- at Pennsylvania State Universityin University Park; at the University of Iowa in Iowa City (Ph.D.);and at the Aspen School of Music in Colorado, where he studiedwith Darius Milhaud. His teaching career included tenures in thepublic schools of High Point, NC; West Virginia State College;Langston University in Oklahoma; Tennessee State University inNashville; and Tufts University in Medford, MA (1972- ). Hewas composer-in-residence with the Atlanta Orchestra (Georgia)and from 1971 to 1972 he was Danforth Visiting Professor atMorehouse College in Atlanta. His best-known works includedthe orchestral Classical Symphony (1961), Squares (1965),Intervals (1970), and Messages, A Creole Fantasy (1979), the bandpiece In Memoriam Zach Walker (1968); the chamber worksChamber Symphony (1961), Fanfare for Solo Trumpet and FourMini Bands (1976), Transitions (1971), Swing Set for clarinetand piano (1972). In 1979 he was commissioned to write anopera by Indiana University's School of Music and Office ofAfro-American Affairs: Soldier Boy, Soldier. In 1972 heorchestrated Scott Joplin's score for opera Treemonisha forthe world premiere at Atlanta, GA.

Baker, David. Jazz Cellist, Composer. He obtained his musicaleducation in the public schools of Indianapolis, IN; at JordanConservatory in Indianapolis,- at Indiana University inBloomington (B.Mus. Ed., M. Mus. Ed.); the Berklee School ofMusic in Boston, MA; and the School of Jazz at Lenox, MA(summer 1959). He began playing jazz professionally as early as1948 with local groups, including Maynard Ferguson, QuincyJones, George Russell, and others, including John ("Wes")Montgomery and Lionel Hampton. Concomitant with his jazzperforming he was pursuing a career in teaching, which includedtenures at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO; in thepublic schools of Indianapolis, at Indiana Central College inIndianapolis; and at Indiana University (1966- ). He is alsoactive in the field of classical music; he has performed withsymphony orchestras and chamber groups and occasionally hasbeen soloist with symphony orchestras. He has contributednumerous articles on jazz subjects and transcriptions of jazz solosto Down Beat, Orchestra News, and magazines and publishedseveral books, including four manuals on Jazz Improvisation


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (18)

(1969-76), four volumes on Techniques of Improvisations (1971),and Jazz Styles and Analysis (1973), among others. His style isdistinctive for its blending of Afro-American elements withtraditional European techniques and forms; his compositionsdraw upon jazz, serialism, electronic techniques, gospel, and folkmaterials. His best-known works are the cantata Black America:To the Memory of Martin Luther King (1968, later revisions); TheBeatitudes, for chorus, voices, narrator, jazz ensemble, stringorchestra, and dancers (1968); Levels, for flutes, horns, strings,solo contrabass, and jazz band (nominated for the PulitzerPrize, 1973); Le Chat Qui Perche, for orchestra, soprano,and jazz quartet.

Batiste, Alvin. Clarinetist, Composer, Educator, Author, andClinician. Received his B.S. in Music from Southern Universityand his M.Mus. in Performance/Composition from LouisianaState University. Musical compositions published include arecord album entitled Alvin Batiste-Musique d'Afrique NouvelleOrleans on the India Navigation Record Label of New York.Appeared as panelist at the 1985 Open Dialogue 11 in SanAntonio, TX. He is featured in ABC television documentaryentitled, The Arts In Baton Rouge. Batiste was the subject of thetelevision documentary entitled Louisiana Legends for PublicTelevision. His Carnegie Hall debut was lauded by the New YorkTimes, Cashbox, The Village Voice, and Billboard Magazine. Hiscompositions include: "Duet for Clarinet and Cello;" "StringQuartet No. 1"; " Clariflavors for Clarinet Quartet"; KheriHebs for String Orchestra and Solo Clarinet; North AmericanIdiosyncrasies for Orchestra and Soloists; Planetary Perspectivesfor Grassroots Players and Orchestra,- Musique d'AfriqueNouvelle Orleans for Solo Clarinet and Orchestra. He recordedwith Julian Cannonball Adderley on Capitol Records andFantasy Records.

Billups, Kenneth. Conductor, Administrator. Ken Billups is HeadSupervisor of Music for the St. Louis Public School System. He isa graduate of Lincoln University, MO with advanced degrees fromthe Conservatory of the University of Toronto and NorthwesternUniversity. Dr. Billups is a published composer and arranger, andhas written thirteen original shows, nine of them with a blackmusic theme. Ken has conducted the St. Louis SymphonyOrchestra seven times. He has served as a commission memberfor the St. Louis Arts and Humanities; Chairman of the MusicCommittee, Missouri Arts Council; Chairman of the ExpansionArts Panel, National Endowment for the Arts; and past-Presidentof the National Association of Negro Musicians.

Borroff, Edith. Musicologist and Composer. Born in New YorkCity, Edith received her college education at the AmericanUniversity in Chicago, Illinois (B. Mus. and M. Mus.), and a Music History from The University of Michigan. She has beenProfessor and Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Studies atHillsdale College, MI; Associate Professor of Music at theUniversity of Wisconsin; Professor of Music at Eastern MichiganUniversity; and is presently Professor of Music at the StateUniversity of New York at Binghamton. She received anAndrew Mellon postdoctoral award and a University ofWisconsin summer grant. She has published compositions fororchestra, chamber instruments, solo instruments, and an opera.She has written and lectured frequently on women andminorities in music.

Boyer, Horace Clarence. Music Theorist, Performer. HoraceClarence Boyer, a native of Winter Park, FL, received the Bachelorof Arts degree in Music from Bethune-Cookman College atDaytona Beach, FL, and furthered his study of music by earningthe M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the Eastman School of Musicof the University of Rochester. His teaching career includespositions at Albany State College in Albany, GA; theUniversity of Central Florida at Orlando; and the University ofMassachusetts, where he is presently an Associate Professor ofMusic Theory and Afro-American Music. From 1973 until 1977he was the director of the Voices of New Africa House WorkshopChoir, an ensemble of 50 voices drawn from Smith, Amherst,Mt. Holyoke and Hampshire Colleges, and the University ofMassachusetts. With his brother, James, a professor of Educationat Kansas State University, Boyer has traveled throughout 32states performing gospel music as the Boyer Brothers, and


recorded for Nashboro Records. They have appeared in concerts,festivals and on TV in over 300 appearances. In addition tohis performing activities, Boyer is engaged in research intoAfro-American vocal music and has published articles in theMusic Educators Journal, The Black Perspective in Music,Black World, First World, and the Massachusetts Music News.

Braithwaite, James Roland. Organist, Administrator. Mr.Braithwaite received his college education at Boston University(B. Mus., M.A., Ph.D.). He did further study at the UnionTheological Seminary School of Sacred Music in New York.He performed as an organist at the Congregational and Lutheranchurches in Boston and served as organist/choir director at theEpiscopal Church of Harvard-Radcliffe for two years. He alsofunctioned as a reviewer for the Boston Herald newspaper andwas a regular recitalist. His college teaching career has beenentirely at Talladega College in Alabama, where he has served ascollege organist, Chairman of the Music Department and Dean ofthe College. Has composed music for voice, chorus and organ.

The Brazeal Dennard Chorale. Was founded in 1972 by Brazeal W.Dennard, Director. The Chorale is deeply committed to therediscovery and performance of significant choral works by Blackcomposers. The yearly performance schedule of the choraleincludes appearances with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra aswell as concerts throughout the metropolitan Detroit area. TheChorale's schedule also includes performances in concert hallsand churches throughout the country, and on college campuses.The Brazeal Dennard Chorale is especially proud of its role in thedevelopment of the "Classical Roots" concert. Through theseconcerts with the Chorale and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra,the rich musical heritage of Black America and our contributionto the classical tradition is brought to life in the performance ofworks by Black musicians.

Bridge, Thomas. Administrator, Music Educator. ThomasBridge received his college education entirely at The Universityof Michigan (B. Mus., M. Mus. and Ph.D.) His teaching careerincludes tenures at Lincoln University in Langston, OK andVirginia State University where he has served as Dean, Schoolof Humanities and Art and is now Coordinator of the Divisionof Music. He performed for many years as a violinist withthe Richmond (VA) Symphony, and has given solo recitals andperformed with various chamber music groups as a violinistaround the eastern seaboard area. He is a native of Detroit, MIand began his study of the violin under the tutelage of the lateKemper Harreld. He is a collector of American black artifactsand memorabilia.

Brown, Rae Linda. Symposium Scholarship Winner,Musicologist. Ms. Brown is a Ph.D. candidate at Yale University,and is hopeful of receiving her degree this year. Her education atthe college level began with receiving a B.S. in Music Educationfrom the University of Connecticut with an emphasis in Pianoand Organ. She received an M.A. in Afro-American Studies fromYale University. Her dissertation for the Ph.D. degree has alreadydrawn a good deal of interest and reaction from the communityof musicologists and devotees of Black American music as it ison the subject of "The Orchestral Music of Florence B. Price(1888-1953); A Stylistic Analysis." She has publications in theform of an entry on James Weldon Johnson in The New GroveDictionary of Music in the United States, and an entry onFlorence Price in the same publication. She has receivedmany awards and fellowships.

Brown, Wayne S. Administrator. Wayne S. Brown began hismusical education at the college level as a Voice Performancemajor at The University of Michigan. He received the Performance and attended graduate school in Musical Artsat the same institution. His professional experience includesassignments as Director of Public Relations for the NationalAssociation of Negro Musicians; Administrative Assistantwith the Detroit Symphony Orchestra; Assistant Manager ofthe Detroit Symphony Orchestra,- and Executive Director, theSpringfield Orchestra Association, Springfield, MA. He servedon the Planning Committee for the Black American MusicSymposium, in charge of National Publicity.

Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (19)

Brown, William. Tenor. Born in Jackson, MS, William Brown is agraduate of Jackson State University and holds a Master's degreefrom Indiana University. Mr. Brown was associated with theAffiliate Artist program for four years. Besides his busy concertand operatic schedules, he is currently a Professor of Voice at theUniversity of Florida in Jacksonville. Mr. Brown's performancesinclude prestigious orchestras over the world: the BostonSymphony, the Cleveland Orchestra, the CincinnatiSymphony Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony, the New YorkPhilharmonic, the Detroit Symphony, the Dallas Symphony,the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the London Symphony,the Helsinki Orchestra and the Atlanta Symphony. Since hisoperatic debut with the Baltimore Opera Company, he hasappeared with the New York City Opera, the GoldovskyOpera, the Blossom Festival, the Berkshire Music Festival atTanglewood, the Rochester Opera Theatre, Opera Ebony,Opera South, and the Lake George Opera Festival. Mr. Brownperformed at Carnegie Hall during the 1981-82 season for the85th birthday celebration of Virgil Thomson. In addition, he hasappeared with the Atlanta Symphony, the Florida Philharmonic,the Albany Symphony, and the Victoria Symphony in Canada.He made his New York solo recital debut in Carnegie Hall inMay, 1982.

Buckner, Reginald T. Jazz Pianist, Educator. Reginald T. Bucknerreceived the B.M.E and M.M.E degrees from the University ofKansas and the Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota.Teaching experiences include Kansas City, Kansas PublicSchools, K-12, and the University of Minnesota. He taught andalso served as the Special Assistant to the President for thePerforming Arts at Cuyahoga Community College (Cleveland).In addition, he taught a summer workshop at The University ofMichigan. Dr. Buckner has published in the Journal of Researchin Music Education, the Jazz Educators Journal, the MusicEducators Journal, and the Triad: The Ohio Music EducatorsJournal. In addition to having his own music ensemble, Bucknerhas performed with the Minnesota Orchestra, the ClevelandCivic Orchestra, the St. Paul Civic Symphony, the University ofMinnesota Jazz Ensembles, the University of MinnesotaMarching Band, Dr. Nathan Davis, Carmel Jones, Benny Bailey,and many others. He has recorded on Capitol Records.

Buffkins, Archie L. Administrator. Mr. Buffkins serves asPresident of the Kennedy Center's National Committee onCultural Diversity in the Performing Arts, and as MulticulturalAffairs Advisor to the Kennedy Center Board Chairmanin Washington, D.C. He received his musical training at JacksonState University, Jackson, MS (B.Mus.Ed.j, and ColumbiaUniversity Teachers College (M.A. in Music Ed., Ed.D. in Artsand Higher Education Administration). He has done postDoctoral Research at Columbia University also. His previousadministrative positions include: Assistant Dean for GraduateStudies, University of Maryland, College Park, MD; Chancellor,University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD;Professor of Music and Chairman, Department of Music, RhodeIsland College, Providence, RI; Professor of Music and Directorof Graduate Research in Music Education, Texas SouthernUniversity, Houston, TX. He has a large number of musicalcompositions to his credit which have received performances inmany areas of the country, and he has served as director/producerfor many musicals and dramatic plays over the past twenty years.

Buggs, Claritha. Mezzo-Soprano. The 1984 first place winner ofthe Leontyne Price Vocal Competition, she is making her markas an up-and-coming young black opera singer. She has debutedwith Michigan Opera Theater as Siebel in the 1983 productionof Faust. Since that time she has played Ma Moss in Copland'sTender Land and Third Lady in Mozart's Magic Flute. Ms. Buggshas received many awards for her vocal excellence. Recently shewas awarded second place in the national finals of the NationalAssociation of Music Clubs Vocal Competition held in Wichita,KS. She has competed in the Metropolitan Opera District andRegional Competitions. She placed first in the Detroit district in1983 and went on to place third in the Great Lakes Regional in1984. She received the Francis Robinson Internship EngagementAward to serve an apprenticeship with Michigan Opera Theaterfor the 1983-84 season. She has also competed in the National

Association of Teachers of Singing Vocal Competition placingfirst in the Advanced Women's division at the state and regionallevels. Ms. Buggs has appeared with the University of MichiganSymphony Orchestra, Plymouth Symphony, and JacksonSymphony. She has performed in Master Classes with ElisabethSchwarzkopf, Elly Ameling, Maureen Forrester, Gerard Souxay,Alan Stone, Mark Flint, Willie Waters, and CharlesWendelken-Wilson.

Burton, Edie. Scholarship student. Presently a senior at AlbionCollege, Michigan, and studying voice at The University ofMichigan with Professor Willis Patterson. Performed one of theleading roles of Westside Story (Anita) at Albion College. Alsolead roles of Baby Doe in The Ballad of Baby Doe, and Bessin excerpts from Porgy and Bess at Central State University,Xenia, OH. She will receive her degree in 1986.

Burton, Faye. Minister of Music. Presently serving as Ministerof Music for New Hope Baptist Church, Ann Arbor, where shehas been for 20 years. Also secretary to the Assistant Dean forUndergraduate Affairs. She annually performs a concert whichfeatures a wide range of gospel music. She also performs inconcert at the Washtenaw Correctional Facility for Women andat the Maxey Boys' Training School in Whitmore Lake, MI.

Caldwell, Hansonia Laverne. Musicologist, Administrator. Ms.Caldwell received her college education at Boston University'sSchool of Fine and Applied Arts (B. Mus., Musicology). Herteaching positions have included Santa Monica City College,Los Angeles City College, and California State University,Dominguez Hills, where she has held a number of positions andresponsibilities in teaching and administration, including LiaisonOfficer for Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Dean ofGraduate Studies and Research, Assistant to the President, andher present position, Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts andProfessor of Music. She also is conductor of the Dominguez HillsJubilee Choir and Coordinator of the Jubilee Choir Creative ArtsCamp. Previous to taking on teaching responsibilities in highereducation, she served as a Congressional Intern in the UnitedStates House of Representatives, and later as a Research Assistantin the United States House of Representatives' Select Committeeon Crime under the supervision of Congressman Claude Pepper.Her publications include "The Plight of the Black Composer ofOpera," published in the American Society of UniversityComposers Proceedings-, "Conversations with Hale Smith, AMan of Many Parts," published in The Black Perspective inMusic; and "Our Mission and Responsibility to MinorityStudents," a position paper presented to the Eighth AnnualAcademic Retreat of the California State University and Collegesin November, 1978. She has performed as a recital pianist andorchestral/choral conductor in many locations on the west coast.

Capers, Valerie. Composer, Performer. Ms. Capers began hercollege education by attending the Manhattan School of Music.She received her B.S. from Juilliard School of Music, and an M.S.from that same institution. She has taught at several differentinstitutions around New York City, including Hunter College,Brooklyn Music School, Neighborhood Music School, USDANfor the Performing Arts, Teen-Age Performing Arts Workshop,Manhattan School of Music and the Bronx Community Collegewhere she is now a full professor in the Department of Music andArt. Valerie Capers has enjoyed continued success as a top-flightjazz artist with the Kool Jazz Festival concerts, Jazz in Americavideotape release on which she performs with Dizzy Gillespie,and the Eagles Nest Restaurant in New York City whereshe often performs as a solo pianist. At the same time, she enjoysequal success as a performer and composer of classical musicin such concerts as her Carnegie Recital Hall recital, and theperformance of her operatorio, Sojourner, based on the life ofSojourner Truth. A sightless composer/performer, she has manypublications, recordings, and television appearances to her credit.

Carter, Warrick L. Dean, Performer. Warrick Carter's collegeeducation consists of a B.S. degree from Tennessee StateUniversity at Nashville, a M.Mus. degree in Music Educationfrom Michigan State University, and a Ph.D. degree fromthe same institution. His teaching experience was gained at


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (20)

University of Maryland, Eastern Shore,- he was Coordinatorof Fine and Performing Arts, College of Arts and Sciences,Governors State University, Park Forest South, IL; Chairman,Division of Fine and Performing Arts, Governors StateUniversity, Park Forest South, IL; Guest Lecturer, Departmentof Music, University of Santa Cantarina, Brazil; and Dean ofthe Faculty, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. He hasmany articles on Music Education and Black American Musicin the JAJE Educator and the Music Educators Journal. He isa member of the Board of Directors of the National Association ofJazz Educators, of the National Black Music Caucus, and holdsmembership in a dozen other important organizations dedicatedto preserving and improving the state of music and the arts inthe country. He continues to be active in performance as a jazzpercussionist.

Cheek, Yvonne. Public Education Director at the HumphreyInstitute. A manager at Control Data since 1981, she waspreviously an instructor at the University of North Carolina, anevaluator and technical assistant at the National Endowment forthe Arts, and, more recently, a department chair and associateprofessor at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. Sheholds bachelor's and master's degrees from the University ofNorth Carolina at Greensboro and a Ph.D. from The University ofMichigan. She has been the recipient of a National Endowmentfor the Arts Fellowship and a Ford Foundation NationalFellowship and was named an Outstanding Young Womanin America in 1980.

Clarence Smith Community Chorus (CSCC). The forty-voicedCSCC was founded in 1976 by Clarence Smith, with support ofGrace Presbyterian Community Center and a group of fifteenindividuals who identified a local need to perform and hear Negrospirituals and "classical music." The CSCC has establishedthe following goals: to encourage the preservation of the Negrothrough performance; to provide for the cultural enrichment ofthe general community,- to provide a medium by which moremusic of Black composers may be heard; to provide anotherdimension to the musical education of the community andindividual choir members; to provide a musical ensemble whichwill showcase local talent; and to provide high calibre musicalentertainment. These aims have resulted in performances atsuch diverse places as churches, universities, several radioand television programs including two appearances on localtelevision broadcasts during the 1983-84 season. They havealso appeared at an Ohio Music Educators Conference, twoToledo-Fests, and with the Toledo Symphonic Orchestra. Thechorus was awarded the prestigious "Community Impact Award"by the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo. The CSCC hassponsored two choral workshops with nationally recognizedmusicians, Lena McLin (composer/ arranger) and Willis Patterson(Associate Dean, University of Michigan). The recording of analbum featuring Negro spirituals, AIN-A THAT GOOD NEWS,has brought additional professional acclaim.

Cox, Bette Yarbrough. Administrator. Ms. Cox serves as aCommissioner of Cultural Affairs for the city of Los Angelesand as Founder and President of the BEEM Foundation for theAdvancement of Music. She is a graduate of UCLA, and hasdone further study at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, USC,the University of Indiana, and California State University at LosAngeles. She holds a M. Mus. degree from UCLA, and hasmatriculated on a doctoral fellowship there. As music advisor forthe Los Angeles Unified School District, she developed the firstAfro-American music series ever presented for staff developmentin the school district. As a result of her work with BEEM, shehas just received a grant from the National Endowment forthe Humanities to present a television production onblack composers and performers.

Crawford, Richard. Musicologist. After receiving three degreesfrom the University of Michigan School of Music, RichardCrawford joined the faculty of the Music History and Musicologydepartment of The University of Michigan. He was promoted tothe rank of Full Professor in 1975. He has served on the boardof directors of the American Musicological Society, asthat organization's Vice-President from 1978-1980, and as

its President from 1982-84. He is a member of the Societyfor Ethnomusicology, the Music Library Association, andthe Sonneck Society (Member of the Board of Directors, andVice-President of that organization 1981-83). He is also a memberof the International Association for the Study of Popular Musicand of the American Antiquarian Society. He has served as aconsultant for the National Endowment for the Humanities, amember of the Editorial Board for New World Records, and areaeditor for the New Grove Dictionary of Music in the UnitedStates. Among his publications are Andrew Law: AmericanPsalmodist; William Billings of Boston (which won theAmerican Musicological Society's Kinkeldy Award formusicological excellence in 1976); American Studies andAmerican Musicology; and The Core Repertory of EarlyAmerican Psalmody. Among the many fellowships and awardshe has received are a Rackham Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1969-70;American Antiquarian Society Summer Fellowship, 1972-73;Senior Fellow, Institute for Studies in American Music, BrooklynCollege, CUNY, 1973-74; John Simon Guggenheim Fellow,1977-78; and the Ernest Bloch Professor of Music, University ofCalifornia, 1985.

Da Costa, Noel. Composer. He obtained his musical education atQueens College of the City University of New York (B.A., 1952)and Columbia University (M.A., 1956). His awards duringthis period included a Seidl Fellowship in composition fromColumbia and a Fulbright Fellowship to study composition withLuigi Dallapiccola in Italy. He was appointed to the music facultyof Rutgers University; his previous teaching experience includedtenures at Hampton Institute in Virginia and at Queens Collegeand Hunter College of the City University of New York. He wasactive as a violinist; he played with the Symphony of the NewWorld and in orchestras of Broadway musicals, ballet, and opera.He also conducted choral groups, and in 1974 became the musicaldirector of the Triad Chorale. His best-known works were thesong cycle "The Confession Stone," "Jes Grew" for solo violin,"Spiritual Set" for organ, and Ceremony of Spirituals for soprano,saxophone, chorus, and orchestra. The vocal pieces "Two songsfor Juli-Ju" are included in Anthology of Art Songs of BlackAmerican Composers.

Dennard, Brazeal W. Conductor, Administrator. Brazeal W.Dennard completed his formal education at Wayne StateUniversity, earning an M.M.E degree. Throughout his career,Mr. Dennard has served in many roles, such as guest conductor,clinician, lecturer, and church choirmaster. He is a Trustee andMember of the Advisory Committee of the Detroit CommunityMusic School, Chairman of the Music Advisory Committee forthe Michigan Council for the Arts, Past-President of the NationalAssociation of Negro Musicians, and President of the DetroitMusician's Association. Mr. Dennard is a member of the boardof directors of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and is Supervisorof Vocal Music for the Detroit Public Schools.

de Lerma, Dominique Rene. Musicologist, Administrator. Mr. deLerma received his college education at the University of Miami(B. Mus.), the Berkshire Music Center, the Curtis Institute ofMusic, Indiana University (Ph.D.) in musicology. He has donefurther study at the University of Oklahoma, College of NotreDame, and Towson State University. His teaching career includestenures at the University of Miami, Indiana University, theUniversity of Oklahoma, Kent State University, Morgan StateUniversity, and the Peabody Conservatory of Music, JohnsHopkins University. He has written profusely and in manypublications on the subject of Black music and musicians andis one of the reviewers on the staff of The Black Perspective inMusic. He served as the Director of Research and Publications,Afro-American Opportunities Association, and as the chiefconsultant for the Black Composers Series, Columbia Records.

Dent, Cedric. Pianist. Graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy in1980 — Major: Piano Performance. Merit Scholarship recipientfor 1983-84 and 1984-85 academic school years. ReceivedTheodore Presser scholarship for 1984-85 and the Belinda Harrisscholarship for the same year. Received a Bachelor of Musicdegree, Music Ed./Choral in the Spring 1985. Organist/ChoirDirector at Calvary Presbyterian Church in Detroit, MI. Toured


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (21)

Western Europe as piano accompanist to baritone soloist WintleyPhipps in summer of 1983. Accepted into Graduate degreeprogram in Music Ed. at U.C.L.A. for Fall 1985.

Dickerson, Roger. Composer. Roger Dickerson was born inNew Orleans, LA. He received his B.A. in Music with honorsfrom Dillard University. He studied Composition at IndianaUniversity, where he received his Master of Music degree.The best known of his works is his "Essay for Band." Hereceived the Fulbright Fellowship in Composition to study at theAkademie Fur Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Vienna, Austria.The Fulbright was renewed for a second year. He received a JohnHay Whitney Fellowship to further his work. The New OrleansPhilharmonic Symphony Orchestra performed his "ConcertOverture for Orchestra." He served as music editor for thethree books produced by I.S.E. which are used as the basic text,teacher's manual, and laboratory manual for Humanities classeson 37 campuses: Man and His Creative Awareness (TeachersManual, Humanities Catalog I); Starting Points for Teachingand Learning; and Experiments in Humanities. Roger Dickersonco-founded with several New Orleans artists the CreativeArtist Alliance of New Orleans. He serves as president of thatorganization. Compositions include "Concert Overture forOrchestra," A Musical Service for Louis (commissioned andpremiered by New Orleans Phil. Sym. Orchestra), "New OrleansConcerto" (New Orleans Bicentennial Comm.), "The NegroSpeaks of Rivers" (voice), "Afro- American Celebration" (voice),and "Music I Heard," among others. He is Vice President,Arts Council of New Orleans.

Easter, Mary M. Dancer. Mary Moore Easter was born inPetersburg, VA and she grew up as a "faculty child" at VirginiaState College. She brings to her work the experience of her nineyears as a dancer and a choreographer with Choreogram ofMinneapolis. She is currently Assistant Professor of Danceat Carleton College. She has toured as a solo dancer in anoriginal lecture-performance called "Themes of the BlackChoreographer." Her performances, lectures and other writingsare enriched by her music study at Sarah Lawrence College, theEastman School of Music and in Paris with Nadia Boulanger, andby her work correlating the arts of music and dance for a Master'sdegree from Goddard College in Music for Dancers. Mary Easter'sdance studies have included extended time under the tutelageof the late Margret Dietz as well as periods of study with JoyceTrisler at Sarah Lawrence College, and most recently, classesand coaching with Nicholas Gunn.

Edwards, Esther. Administrator. Ms. Esther Gordy Edwardsserves as the Vice-President and Director for the Berry GordyFoundation, Inc. of Detroit. She was highly instrumental in thephenomenal success which was experienced by the MOTOWNrecording company in Detroit in the early days, and now inCalifornia. She and her brother Berry Gordy were themasterminds for this success, and she continues to manage thecorporation's interests in this area of the country. She is veryactive in cultural and community affairs of the city of Detroit andthe State, and has recently been appointed to the Boardof Trustees of the Interlochen Arts Center at Interlochen, MI.

English-Robinson, Laura. Soprano. A native of Atlanta, shereceived her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Spelman College andthe Master of Music Degree from the College-Conservatoryof Music at the University of Cincinnati. She has appeared onseveral occasions with the Atlanta Symphony and as recitalistand soloist in oratorio throughout the Southeast, at Avery FisherHall in New York, the Interlochen and Brevard Music Festivals,the Cathedral Choral Society in Washington, D.C., and inperformances in Europe and South America. She performed therole of Pamina in Mozart's Magic Flute in Italy, and was laterinvited to return as soloist in the Beethoven Missa Solemnisand Symphony No. 9 and The Requiem of Verdi. She has alsoappeared with the Southern Regional Opera, Shoestring Opera,Opera/South, and made her successful debut with the AtlantaCivic Opera in the role of Naidne in the Strauss opera Ariadneauf Naxos. She has participated in the Atlanta Civic Opera's1982-83 Educational Program and a series of Benefit Concerts,and was recently selected as one of the winners of the Atlanta

Civic Opera Vocal Competition. She has been a Vocal Fellow atthe Berkshire Music Center/Tanglewood, and the recipient ofthe Pro-Mozart Music Award for study of Musical Studies inGraz, Austria. She was a finalist in the Young Foundation forMusicians, and recipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr. ArtisticAchievement Award. In November, 1982, she was chosen thefirst of three winners in the Golden Puccini InternationalVocal Competition held in Italy.

Floyd, Jr., Samuel. Music Educator, Researcher. His musicaleducation was obtained in public schools of Lakeland, at FloridaA&M College in Tallahassee, FL, and at Southern IllinoisUniversity at Carbondale (M.Mus. Ed., and Ph.D.). His teachingcareer included tenures at Smith Brown High School in Arcadia,FL, where he was director of bands; Florida A&M where he wasalso Assistant Director of Bands; at Southern Illinois University;and Fisk University in Nashville, TN, where he was Directorof the Institute for Research in Black American Music. Heis presently Director of the Center for Black Music Research atColumbia College, Chicago, IL. He has published articles inprofessional journals, including The Chronicle of HigherEducation, Music Educators Journal, College Music Symposium,Music Journal, and The Black Perspective in Music. Hispublished books included 99 Street Beats, Cadences andExercises for Percussions, The Great Lakes Experience:An Oral History, and An Anthology of the Music ofBlack American Composers.

Foster, William P. Conductor, Composer, Educator. He obtainedhis musical education in the public schools of Kansas City, KS, atthe University of Kansas, in Lawrence (B.Mus.Ed.); Wayne StateUniversity in Detroit, MI (M.A.); and Columbia UniversityTeachers College in New York (D.Mus.Ed). His teaching careerincludes tenures in the public schools of Kansas City, KS; FortValley State College in Georgia; Tuskegee Institute in Alabama;and Florida A&M College in Tallahassee. He also toured as alecturer, band consultant, and workshop clinician. He haspublished articles in professional journals, including theInstrumentalist Magazine and the Music Journal. His FloridaA&M Marching Band has appeared many times on all the majortelevision networks, and he has served in many official capacitiesfor the College Band Directors National Association includingbeing its National President.

French, Catherine. Administrator. Catherine French has beenExecutive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of theAmerican Symphony Orchestra League since October, 1980. Shejoined the staff of the League as Assistant Director and becameVice President for Public Affairs. Ms. French graduated fromManhattanville College in Purchase, NY, with a degree in musichistory. She began work with Leopold Stokowski's AmericanSymphony Orchestra in New York City. Later she was appointedExecutive Director of the orchestra and became the youngestwoman manager of a major American orchestra. Immediatelybefore coming to the League, Ms. French was Manager of theNew Jersey Symphony Orchestra.

Gordon, Michael. Administrator. Michael V. W. Gordon hasbeen on the faculty at Indiana University School of Music,Bloomington, IN since 1975. He has been Dean of Students forthe University since 1981. A full Professor of Music, he teachesregularly and conducts research particularly in the area of BlackMusic. He has served as special consultant to the PhiladelphiaOpera Company, The Michigan Opera Theatre, and the OperaAmerica in the area of audience development. His topic "Operaand the Black Community" is directed primarily to teenagers andyoung adults particularly in urban settings. He was a founder ofthe National Black Music Caucus (Music Education NationalConference) and served as its National President 1978-81. Dr.Gordon was educated at Virginia State University (B.S.), theCleveland Institute of Music (M.Mus. in Voice), and ColumbiaUniversity (M.Ed, and Ed.D). As a singer/actor he has appearedin concert and on stage in off-Broadway shows, on television,and has recorded. He has appeared with symphony orchestrasincluding the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra as soloist in 1981.

Green, Mildred Denby. Conductor, Music Educator. Ms. Greenreceived her college education at The Ohio State University


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (22)

(B.Science in Education); The University of Oklahoma(M.Mus.Ed., and D.ME). She has been active as a writer andresearcher on the topics of Black Women in Music, and Musicin the Black Church. She serves as the conductor of the collegechoir of LeMoyne-Owen College, in Tennessee. Her teachingexperience includes tenures at Faver High School, Guthrie, OK,and Associate Professor of Music at LeMoyne-Owen College. Shehas been a participant in the United Negro College Fund/MellonInstitute research project in Black American Music. She has alsowritten a number of compositions for SATB choir.

Hailstork, Adolphus Cunningham. Composer. He obtained hismusical education at Howard University in Washington, D.C.;at the American Institute at Fontainebleau, France, where hestudied with Nadia Boulanger; at the Manhattan School of Musicin New York (B.Mus. in composition, M.Mus. in composition)where he studied with Ludmila Ulehla, Nicholas Flagello,Vittorio Giannini, and David Diamond; and at Michigan StateUniversity in East Lansing (Ph.D.). His career as a teacherincludes tenures at Michigan State University, Youngstown StateUniversity in Ohio, and Norfolk State University in Virginia. Hewrites in a variety of forms: symphonic works and tone poems fororchestra; a concerto; numerous chamber works; duos for suchcombinations as horn and piano, clarinet and piano, tuba andpiano, flute and piano, and others; a large number of songs,including songs for soprano, baritone, mezzo-soprano, somewith piano and others with orchestra or chamber group; bandworks and band transcriptions; and many pieces for piano. Hisbest-known works were "Mourn Not the Dead" for mixedchorus, Bellevue for orchestra, Celebration for orchestra,"American Landscape No. 1," "The Pied Piper of Harlem" forunaccompanied flute, and two songs "A Charm at Parting"and "I Loved You" (published in Willis Patterson's Anthologyof Art Songs by Black American Composers).

Hairston, Jester. Conductor, Composer/Arranger. Mr. Hairstonbegan his college music education at Tufts University inMedford, MA (B.A.) and at the Juilliard School of Music inNew York. He first appeared professionally as a member of theEva Jessye Choir. He served as Assistant Conductor of theHall Johnson Choir, and went with that choir to California wherethey appeared in the film The Green Pastures. He remained in LosAngeles where he organized his own choir and soon begantouring in the United States and abroad as a choral conductor,workshop clinician, and lecturer. He performed in the Broadwaymusical Hello, Paris, and over a period of fifteen years served asan arranger for film soundtracks in more than forty films, whilealso conducting his own choir to sing background choral musicfor many of these films. In 1945 he made his first tour in Europewith Noble Sissle and a USO show. Thereafter the United StatesDepartment of State sent him abroad numerous times as a

goodwill ambassador to conduct choruses and teach othersAmerican music. He has just recently returned from such atrip to mainland China. He has written music in many forms,but is most well known for his many spiritual arrangements.

Handy (Miller), D. Antoinette. Concert Flutist, Administrator.Antoinette Handy began her musical education in the publicschools of New Orleans. She attended Spelman College inAtlanta, GA; the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston,MA (B.Mus); Northwestern University in Evanston, IL (M.Mus);and the Paris National Conservatory in France (artiste diploma).She began her professional career as a flutist with the ChicagoCivic Orchestra. She also played in the International Orchestraof Paris; the Musica Viva Orchestra of Geneva, Switzerland; TheSymphony of the Air (formerly the NBC Symphony); the BachFestival Orchestra of Carmel, CA; the Orchestra of America inNew York; the Symphony of the New World, New York; and theRichmond (VA) Symphony. She toured with Trio Pro Viva (whichshe founded) in Germany under the sponsorship of the USIS, andin many locations in the United States. This group featured themusic of black composers on its programs. Her teaching careerincludes tenures as either faculty member or special projectsdirector at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, TuskegeeInstitute in Alabama, Jackson State College in Mississippi,and Virginia State College in Petersburg. Her publicationsinclude "Black Music: Opinions and Reviews," "Black Women

in American Bands and Orchestras," and "The InternationalSweethearts of Rhythm." She currently serves as the AssistantDirector, Music Programs of The National Endowment for theArts, and is a member of the advisory board of The BlackPerspective in Music.

Harris, Hilda. Concert/Opera Singer. She obtained her musicaleducation at North Carolina State University in Greensboro.In New York she studied privately with Jonathan Brice and LolaHayes. She began her professional career singing in Broadwaymusicals, such as Irving Burgie's Ballad for Bimshire, Jericho-fimCrow, Golden Boy, Ben Franklin in Paris, Mame, and others. Shemade her debut as a mezzo-soprano at the Carnegie Recital Hallin New York. Thereafter she toured in the United States and inEurope, giving solo recitals, performing in oratorios, andappearing with symphony orchestras. She made her Europeanoperatic debut in the title role of Bizet's Carmen at St. Gallen,Switzerland, and thereafter sang with various opera companiesat home and abroad. In 1974 she joined the New York City Opera.She is best known for her performances as Tituba in Ward'sThe Crucible, Siebel in Gounod's Faust, and the title roles inPuccini's Madame Butterfly and Bizet's Carmen. In 1977, shemade her debut with the Metropolitan Opera Company, andcontinues to perform important roles with that company.

Harris, Robert A. Conductor, Composer. Robert A. Harris is amember of the faculty of the School of Music at NorthwesternUniversity where he holds the position of Professor ofConducting and Director of Choral Organizations. Prior tojoining the faculty at Northwestern in 1977, Dr. Harris taughttheory and composition and conducted the Women's Chorale atWayne State University in Detroit, MI and at Michigan StateUniversity where he served as Director of Choral Activities from1970 to 1977. Dr. Harris earned his Ph.D. degree in compositionfrom Michigan State University and has undertaken graduate andpost-doctoral studies at the Eastman School of Music and theAspen Music School. His compositions, especially those inthe choral medium, have received performance throughout theUnited Staes as well as in several European countries. Dr. Harriswas selected by the American Choral Directors Association to bea member of a delegation of conductors to visit and exchangeideas with conductors in several European countries (includingthe Soviet Union). He also serves as Director of Music andChoirmaster at the Trinity Church of the North Shore inWilmette, IL.

Henderson, Carlesta. Music Educator, Performer, Administrator.Ms. Henderson received her college education at HowardUniversity where she received a B.Mus (Voice); at ColumbiaUniversity, NY, M.A. in Music Education, M.Ed (Music & MusicEducation), and Ed.D in Music and Music Education Supervision.She has performed as a soloist and choral conductor. Herteaching experiences include tenures at Norfolk City PublicSchools,- Music Coordinator for the ESEA Project: Arts andHumanities/Interdisciplinary studies for the Norfolk City PublicSchools; Director of Research, District IV, New York City Boardof Education; Assistant Professor Department of Music, BernardBaruch College, New York (CUNY); and Associate Professor,Division of Arts and Humanities, Keene State College, Keene,New Hampshire. She currently serves as the President,National Black Music Caucus (MENC).

Jackson, Raymond. Pianist. Professor of Music at HowardUniversity, he began his musical studies in Providence, RI.He received a Bachelor of Music from the New EnglandConservatory of Music. His studies continued at the JuilliardSchool of Music where he received both his Bachelor of Scienceand Master of Science degrees,- he later received the Doctor ofMusical Arts degree. His doctoral dissertation, "The Piano Musicof Twentieth Century Black Americans," is a permanent part ofthe Juilliard library. Mr. Jackson has won numerous national andinternational prizes including the National Association of NegroMusicians Piano Competition, the J.U.G.G. Inc. New York TownHall Debut Award, and the Marguerite Long International PianoCompetition in Rio de Janeiro. He has also been the recipient offellowship awards from the John Hay Whitney Foundation, theRoothbert Fund, and the Ford Foundation. Raymond Jacksonhas performed internationally as a recitalist and orchestral


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (23)

soloist, including performances with the National Symphony.Mr. Jackson has recorded on Performance Records' Black ArtistSeries. His recent release includes works by Franz Liszt,Robert Schumann, Chevalier de St. Georges, and Hall Johnson.

James, Bob. Jazz Pianist and Producer. Bob James received agraduate degree in composition from The University of Michiganin 1962. While a student here he was very active as a nightclubentertainer playing with local jazz musicians. Since those days,he has been highly active as a performer, arranger, and musicaldirector for such highly reputed jazz stars as Quincy Jones, SarahVaughn, Ron Carter, Freddie Hubbard, Hubert Laws and manyothers. He has recorded many times for CBS and served asDirector of Progressive A&R. He formed his own recording labelwhich is named Tappan Zee. His compositions and recordingshave often occupied the number one spot on the Billboard andCashbox jazz charts.

Jessye, Eva. Artist, Poet, Musician, Writer, Composer, Actress,Choral Director, Humanitarian, "Guardian of the Score," Dean ofBlack Women Musicians. Those are just a few of the titles givento Coffeyville native Eva Jessye, who at the age of 90 is stilltraveling and lecturing in colleges throughout the United Statesas Kansas Ambassador for the Arts. Miss Jessye is best known forher work with George Gershwin's opera Porgy and Bess and fordirecting the Eva Jessye Choir, which performed on such radioprograms as Major Bowles Family Radio Hour and the GeneralMotors Hour. She was born Jan. 20, 1895, in Coffeyville, whereshe lived most of her first 13 years. She began attending WesternUniversity of Quindaro, near Kansas City, because the publicschools in Coffeyville wouldn't allow black students to attendthe high school. After graduating from Western in 1914, shespent three summers at Langston (OK) University. Her teachingcareer began in 1916 in Taft, OK. She later taught in elementaryschools in Haskell and Muskogee. From Oklahoma, she wentto Baltimore, where she was appointed director of the musicdepartment at Morgan State College in 1920. In 1925, she wrotefor the Baltimore Afro-American, a weekly black newspaper.Then in 1926, she went to New York, where she was to spendmuch of the next 40 years doing concerts and theater. She joined asmall choral group called the Dixie Jubilee Singers and eventuallyfounded and directed the Eva Jessye Choir. Early in 1935, theEva Jessye Choir went to New York to audition for GeorgeGershwin's Porgy and Bess. She was directing the choir when theopera opened in the Alwin Theatre in New York City on Oct. 10,1935, a role she continued to fulfill for 30 years, thus earning herthe title "Guardian of the Score." She still has an original scoreof the opera. In 1974, she returned to the college campus, theUniversity of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where she establishedthe Eva Jessye Collection of Afro-American Music. In October1978, she went back to Kansas when Pittsburgh StateUniversity selected her to start the Diamond Jubilee Celebration,celebrating the university's 75th anniversary.

Johnson, Arthur L. Administrator. Mr. Johnson serves asVice-President for Community Relations and Professor ofEducational Sociology, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. Hereceived his college training at Morehouse College (A.B.), AtlantaUniversity (A.M.), and Fisk University, where he was a Fellow inSociology. He also serves as a member of the board of directors forthe Detroit Symphony Orchestra; Vice Chairman, New Detroit,Inc.; and a member of the Cranbrook Institute of Science Board ofGovernors, among other important service functions to the cityand to the state of Michigan. He has also served as a SpecialInvestigator and Research Assistant for the U.S. HealthDepartment, and as Executive Secretary of the Detroit branchof the NAACP.

Jones, Harold. Flutist. Born in Chicago, Harold Jones began hismusical education as a violin student at the age of ten. He studiedflute with David Underwood while attending DuSable HighSchool. This was followed by a scholarship to Sherwood MusicSchool in Chicago, where he studied with Emil Eck. He thenbecame a member of the Civic Orchestra under conductor GeorgeSchick. Mr. Jones came to New York in 1955 and was awarded ascholarship to the Juilliard School of Music where he received the"Outstanding Woodwind Player" award prior to graduation. Hecontinued his studies with Harold Bennett and the renowned

Marcel Moyse. In 1966 he made his New York recital debut atTown Hall and later appeared at CAMI Hall, Alice Tully Hall andat Jordan Hall in Boston. He has been soloist with numerousorchestras, including: The Bach Aria Orchestra, Frank Brief,conductor; The New York Sinfonietta, Max Goberman,conductor; American Symphony Orchestra, Leopold Stokowsky,conductor; Brooklyn Philharmonia, Lukas Foss and DavidAmram, conductors; National Orchestra Association, LeonBarzin, conductor; Municipal Concerts Orchestra, JuliusGrossman, conductor; Symphony of the New World, BenjaminSteinberg and Everett Lee, conductors. Mr. Jones is on thefaculties of Westchester Conservatory of Music, ManhattanSchool of Music, the Manhattanville College, and BrooklynCollege and he is a director and past president of the New YorkFlute Club. He recorded the Vivaldi flute concerti for the Libraryof Recorded Masterpieces and his solo album for Cespico Recordswas released in 1981.

Junkin, Jerry. Conductor. Mr. Junkin is Director of Bands at theUniversity of South Florida in Tampa. Prior to that appointment,he served as Assistant Director of Bands and Assistant Professorof Conducting at the University of Texas at Austin, and at TheUniversity of Michigan. Ensembles under Mr. Junkin's directionhave appeared throughout the United States and Western Europe.He is currently pursuing the Doctor of Musical Arts degree inconducting at The University of Michigan. Jerry Junkin hasattained the reputation as an outstanding interpreter of 20thcentury literature for winds.

Kalban, Bernard. Publisher. Native and resident of Freeport, NY,Kalban is a graduate of New York University and has servedas publications director for Charles H. Hansen Music Co.,Mills Music, and Edward G. Marks Music Corporation,being vice-president of the latter company. A music publishingveteran, he has worked with and produced publications for BillyTaylor, Quincy Jones, John W. Work, Hale Smith, Eubie Blake,B. B. King, and A. C. Hailstork, among others. Active in theresurgence of ragtime, he worked with Maz Morath, WilliamBolcom exposing works of Lamb, Blake, Joplin, Europe, etc.Professionally, Kalban is on the board of directors of the MusicPublishers Association of America and is the secretary as wellas board member of The Arts Council at Freeport (NY) of whichHale Smith is a director and was its first president. In recent yearshe has been responsible for the publication Anthology of ArtSongs by Black American Composers, compiled by WillisPatterson, and the music editing, engraving and designsupervision of Afro-America Sings for the Detroit Public Schools.Presently he is associated with Marks Music and with HalLeonard Publishing Corporation.

Kay, Ulysses. Composer. Born in Tucson, AZ. Attended localschools and graduated from the University of Arizona. Studiedfurther at the Eastman School of Music of the University ofRochester, Tanglewood, Yale, and Columbia Universities.Principal teachers were Bernard Rogers, Howard Hanson, PaulHindemith and Otto Luening. Served in a Navy band for three anda half years during World War II, playing saxophone, flute, piccoloand piano. Worked as Music Consultant for Broadcast Music,Inc., in New York since 1953. Served as Visiting Professor ofMusic at Boston University and at the University of Californiaat Los Angeles. In September 1968 became Professor of Music atHerbert H. Lehman College of the City University of New York.Appointed Distinguished Professor of Music at Lehman Collegein 1972. Following Naval service during World War II as aperformer, composer and arranger, Mr. Kay settled in New YorkCity. Significant scores from this period include his "Concertofor Orchestra" and the music for the film The Quiet One. Hiscatalogue of works is substantial and includes the orchestralscores "Portrait Suite," "Sinfonia in E," and "SouthernHarmony," among others. There are also numerous chorus worksincluding the cantatas "Song of Jeremiah," and "Inscriptionsfrom Whitman," instrumental and chamber music, four operas,band music, and vocal music. A Prix de Rome and a FulbrightFellowship enabled Kay to live in Italy from 1949 to 1952. He hasheld the Julius Rosenwald Fellowship, a grant from the NationalInstitute of Arts and Letters, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. In1958 he was a member of the first group of American composersto participate in a cultural exchange mission to the Soviet Union.


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (24)

He holds honorary doctorates from Lincoln College, BucknellUniversity, Illinois Wesleyan University, and the Universityof Arizona.

Kee, Brenda. Pianist. A native of Raleigh, NC, she received theBachelor of Music degree from the Oberlin College Conservatoryof Music, the Master of Music degree from the University ofIllinois, and the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Piano fromThe University of Michigan, where she was a student of GyorgySandor. Additional studies have included Boston University, TheEastman School of Music, and the American Institute for MusicalStudies in Freiburg, Germany, where she studied the art of vocalaccompanying with German and Austrian pianists and vocalcoaches, and performed recitals of German Lieder and FrenchArt Songs. She has performed recitals in Wisconsin, Michigan,Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, and Virginia, and a recitalfor National Educational Television. As a chamber musician, herperformances have included guest appearances with the NorfolkChamber Consort and the Norfolk Society of the Arts, andrecitals at the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C. andCarnegie Recital Hall. Among her honors and awards have been aJohn Hay Whitney Fellowship, a Distinguished Teaching FellowAward at The University of Michigan, membership in Pi KappaLambda, and a listing in Outstanding Young Women of Americafor 1980. Prior to joining the faculty of Mount Holyoke Collegeas Assistant Professor of Piano, Ms. Kee was a member of thefaculties of Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA andBennett College in Greensboro, NC.

Lawrence, Morris. Professor of Afro-Musicology, WashtenawCommunity College. Received his Bachelor degree from XavierUniversity, New Orleans, LA, Master's degree from TheUniversity of Michigan, and Ph.D. from Bernadean University,Van Nuys, CA. His teaching career consists of tenures at St.Thomas School in Ann Arbor, MI, where he was Director ofMusic, and Washtenaw Community College where he is alsoDirector of Music. He has written two original musicals entitledWhat Does It Matter and The Psychiatrist. He has manycompositions including the "Jazz Trilogy for Orchestra." He haspublished the following: A Programmed Sequence of BasicMusicianship (text), The Sonograph Chart (How To Write WhatYou Hear), Music Appreciation, Afro-Musicology, (Books I and II),and Ethnomusicology (Music Cultures of Our World — Music ofthe African-American Culture).

Lee, Sylvia Olden. Concert Pianist, Accompanist/ Coach. Ms. Leeobtained her musical education at the Oberlin Conservatorywhere she received her Bachelor of Music degree. She has had along career as a highly successful coach/accompanist for suchsingers as George Goodman, Lawrence Winters and many othersin the United States and in Germany. She toured extensively withCarol Brice and Paul Robeson. She also performed and toured as atwo-piano team with Thomas Kerr of Howard University Schoolof Music. She presently serves as Coach/Accompanist at theCurtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, PA. Her teaching careerincluded tenures at Talladega College in Alabama and DillardUniversity in New Orleans, LA.

Lehman, Paul R. Associate Dean of The University of MichiganSchool of Music, responsible for graduate programs. Joined thefaculty of The University of Michigan after having taught inthe public schools of Ohio, at the University of Colorado, at theUniversity of Kentucky, and the Eastman School of Music. Hehas served as Music Specialist with the United States Officeof Education, as Chairman of the National Commission onInstruction and the Music Education Research Council of theMusic Educators National Conference, and as a member of theEditorial Committee and Book Review Editor for the Journal ofResearch in Music Education. He is the author of "Tests andMeasurements in Music," "The Harmonic Structure of the Toneof the Bassoon," and more than thirty articles on curriculum,measurement and teacher education. He now holds theoffice of the National President of the Music EducatorsNational Conference.

Lloyd, Jr., Charles. Composer, Pianist. A native of Toledo, OH,Mr. Lloyd received his formal musical education at Norfolk StateCollege, Norfolk, VA, where he received the Bachelor of Science

degree in Music Education, and The University of Michigan,where he received the Master of Music degree with a major inPiano Performance. His teaching experience includes tenuresat the Baltimore School for the Arts; the Peabody PreparatorySchool of the Peabody Conservatory of Music where he servedas an Accompanist/Coach; Morgan State University, Baltimore,MD; where he was Accompanist/Coach; The Duke EllingtonSchool for the Arts, Washington, D.C., where he was theChairman of the Piano Department; and the Music Departmentof Kentucky State University where he currently serves asAssistant Professor of Music and Conductor of the UniversityConcert Choir. His professional career has involved muchaccompanying and coaching for vocal soloists as well ascomposing and arranging for soloists and ensembles. He hasserved as official accompanist for several internationalcompetitions, including the 1970 International VoiceCompetition in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; the 1979 InternationalGaudeamus Competition of 19th Century Music, Rotterdam,Holland; the 1978 Sixth International Tchaikovsky Competitionfor Voice in Moscow, Russia (he was awarded a distinguishedaccompanying award); and the 1978 Munich Voice Competition,Munich, West Germany. His compositions have been recorded bysuch performers as Jessye Norman ("Great Day In The Morning"— Philips Records) and Veronica Tyler ("The Passion of Christin Spirituals" — BRC Recording). One of his art songs,"Compensation," is published in the Anthology ofArt SongsBy Black American Composers, compiled by Willis Patterson,and published by Belwin Mills Publishing Co.

Logan, Wendell. Composer. A native of Thomas, GA, Mr. Loganreceived his formal education at Florida A St M University (B.S.),Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (M.Music), and at theUniversity of Iowa at Iowa City (Ph.D.). He has been active asa performer with jazz groups as a brass player. His teachingexperience includes tenures at Florida A & M University; thepublic school system of Rudyard, MI; Ball State University inMuncie, IN; Western Illinois University at Macomb, IL; and theOberlin School of Music. He composes in a variety of forms withmany of his works using electronic techniques, and mixed mediatechniques such as dancers, speakers, lights and magnetic tapes.Some of his compositions are written totally within the jazzidiom. Among his best known works are "Proportions for NinePlayers," "Song for Our Times," "Music for Brasses," "Variationson a Motive by John Coltrane," and "Three Pieces for Violin andPiano." Two of his songs, "If There Be Sorrow," and "Marrow ofMy Bone," are published in the Anthology ofArt Songs by BlackAmerican Composers.

McDaniel, Jr., William Theodore. Music Educator. Ted McDanielreceived his college education at Morehouse College, Atlanta,GA (B.A. Music), and the University of Iowa, Iowa City (M.A.Music Education and Ph.D. in Music Education). His teachingexperience includes tenures at Morehouse College, where he wasDirector of Bands and Acting Chairman of the Department ofMusic; North Carolina A & T State University in Greensboro,NC, where he served as Chairman of the Music Department;and Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, where he serves asProfessor of Jazz and Afro-American Music. He has performedas a saxophonist, flutist and clarinetist with numerous jazzensembles throughout the country with such luminaries as DavidBaker, Donald Byrd, and Dizzy Gillespie among others. He haspublished articles in The Instrumentalist, the Journal of BandResearch, and The Black Perspective in Music. He has alsowritten and arranged extensively for jazz groups and forcollege marching bands.

McFarland, Ollie. Administrator. Ollie McFarland was educatedin the public schools of Chattanooga, TN where she graduatedfrom Howard High School. She received a scholarship to SpelmanCollege, Atlanta, GA, and she majored in Music and English. Asan undergraduate she was guided by the late Kemper Harreld andWillis Lawrence James in her choice of becoming a concert singer.She graduated with honors and received the A.B. degree fromSpelman. She taught vocal music in the Detroit Public Schoolsat all levels, the last of which was at Central High School duringwhich time she was the recipient of a one-year John HayFellowship in the Humanities at Columbia University. Upon herreturn from New York she taught again at Central, and was then


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (25)

promoted to the position of Music Supervisor at the SchoolsCenter Building. She has served as Coordinator of the Humanitiesfor the Music Educators' Association. Notable among herachievements is the publishing of a music textbookAfro-America Sings, which is still a supplementary book inthe Detroit Public Schools music curriculum. Ms. McFarlandis the first woman to have been promoted to her presentposition as Director of the Department of Music Educationin the Detroit Public School System.

McFerrin, Robert. Baritone. The first black singer ever signed to aregular contract with the Metropolitan Opera, making his debutin the 1954-55 season in Aida. (Marion Anderson had made anearlier appearance with the Met, but not as a regular member ofthe company.) Prior to obtaining a contract with the Met as aresult of winning the 1954 Metropolitan Opera Auditions of theAir, McFerrin had appeared in the Broadway production of KurtWeill's Lost in the Stars and a revival of Marc Connoly's TheGreen Pastures. During a concert tour of the eastern UnitedStates he was hailed by Eugene Ormandy, conductor of thePhiladelphia Orchestra, as being "as great as any baritone beforethe public today." In subsequent seasons with the Met he sangsuch varied roles as Rigoletto, Renato in Verdi's A Masked Ball,Count de Luna in Verdi's II Travatore and Woldram in Wagner'sTannhaeuser among others. In 1956 he made his first concert tourof Europe and was engaged as principal baritone at the TeatroSan Carlo in Naples, making him again the first black singerto achieve such a position. He has since made other concert toursof Europe, South America and the United States, provided thesinging voice for Porgy in the movie Porgy and Bess, was GuestProfessor of Voice at the Sibelius Academy in Finland, andhas appeared as soloist with most of the major symphonyorchestras of the United States and Canada. In addition to hisbusy schedule as a singer, McFerrin is Professor of Voice at theChicago Musical College and the St. Louis Conservatoryof Music.

McFerrin, Sara. Professor of Voice, Performer. Sara McFerrin isthe Chairman of the Voice Department at Fullerton College inSouthern California. She has sung solo recitals on both East andWest coasts, and solo with major orchestras in oratorio andcantata performances. She has performed with the New YorkCity Opera, with the Greek Theatre summer opera program inHollywood, CA, with Broadway productions of Lost In The Stars,and in the motion pictures Porgy and Bess and Elmer Gantry.She has also recorded on the Columbia label.

McGinty, Doris Evans. Professor of Voice. She obtained hermusical education in the public schools of Washington, D.C.;in the Junior Preparatory Department of Howard Universityin Washington, where she studied with Andres Wheatley,- atHoward (B. Music, B.A.), where she studied with Warner Lawson;at Radcliffe College in Cambridge, MA (M.A.); and at OxfordUniversity in England (Ph.D), where she studied with EgonWellesz and Jack Westrup. In 1947 she was appointed to themusic faculty at Howard University, where she continues andis now Chairperson of the Music Department. She publishedarticles in professional journals and was Book Review Editor forThe Black Perspective in Music (1975- ). She also contributedarticles to the Dictionary of American Negro Biography and toSchulfunk Westdeutsher Rundfunk. Her honors and awardsinclude Fulbright fellowships (1950, 1951), a General EducationBoard grant (1951), appointment to national boards of professionalmusic organizations, selection as a Phelps-Stokes CaribbeanExchange Scholar (1974), and Outstanding Teacher Awards (1973,1976). She is credited with being the first American Womanto receive a doctorate in musicology from Oxford University.

Meadows, Eddie S. Music Educator. Eddie Meadows receivedhis college education attending Tennessee State University inNashville (B.S.), the University of Illinois (M.S.), and MichiganState University (Ph.D). He has also done post-Doctoral Studiesin Ethnomusicology (African) at the University of Californiaat Los Angeles. His teaching experience includes tenuresat Kentucky State University, Frankfort, KY; Wiley College,Marshall, TX; Director of Instrumental Music, Manley UpperGrade Center, Chicago, IL; Assistant Professor of Music

Education, Michigan State University; and Professor of Music,San Diego State University. He has had visiting seniorlectureships at the University of Ghana, Legon, and at theAfro-American Music Department, University of California,Berkeley, CA. Among his many publications are: "Jazz Referenceand Research Materials" and "The Ethnic Heritage: The Musicof Afro-America, Asia, Mexican-America/Latin America"(a monograph). He has had many years experience as aperforming jazz musician.

Montgomery, Toni Marie. Pianist, Accompanist, Administrator.Ms. Montgomery, a native of Philadelphia, received her collegeeducation at Temple University (B. Music) and The Universityof Michigan (M. Music and D. Music). She has performed anumber of solo and chamber music recitals, specializing inromantic and contemporary music, and often programming themusic of Black American Composers. She has recently beenappointed to the position of Artistic Director of the MusicPerformance Institute at Western Michigan University. She hasjust completed service as coach/accompanist for Encore, a stringprogram at Western Reserve Academy at Hudson, OH.

Moore, Carman Leroy. Composer, Writer. Born in Lorain, OH,Carman obtained his musical education at Ohio State University(B. Music) and at the Juilliard School of Music (M. Music). Heplayed french horn and cello in the student orchestras of theseinstitutions. He was active as a music critic and publishedregularly in the Village Voice, the New York Times, The SaturdayReview and other newspapers. His book publications includeSomebody's Angel Child: The Story of Bessie Smith, and TheGrowth of Black Sound in America. His teaching career includestenures at Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY; YaleUniversity in New Haven, CT; and Queens College and BrooklynCollege of CUNY. His compositions include Gospel Fuse fororchestra and gospel quartet; Wild Fires and Field Songs fororchestra; a large number of chamber compositions and theatermusic, with recordings of his music having been made onFolkway, Philips and Vanguard labels.

Moore, Dorothy Rudd. Composer, Singer. Dorothy obtainedher college education as a student at Howard University inWashington, D.C. (B.A.). She studied further with Mark Fax,Chou Wen Chung in New York, and Nadia Boulanger at theAmerican Conservatory of Music in Fontainebleau, France. Herteaching career includes tenures at New York University andBronx Community College of the City University of New York.In 1968, she was one of the founders of the Society of BlackComposers. She writes in a variety of forms, includingsymphonies, chamber music, piano and other instrumentalpieces and songs. Her best known works are "Three Piecesfor Violin and Piano," "Modes for String Quartet, Dirge andDeliverance for Cello and Piano," "Dream and Variations forPiano," and several song cycles including "From the DarkTower," and "Sonnets of Love, Rosebuds and Death." Her firstopera Frederick Douglas was just premiered in New York Cityin June of 1985, and was performed by Opera Ebony.

Moore, Kermit. Concert Cellist, Composer, Conductor. Kermitreceived his college training at the Cleveland Institute ofMusic in Ohio (B. Mus.), New York University (M.A.), the ParisConservatory of France (artist diploma), and the Juilliard Schoolof Music in New York. He has toured widely throughout theUnited States and abroad as a soloist and appearing with leadingsymphony orchestras. He was also a member of the StringQuartet-in-Residence at the Hart School of Music in Hartford,CT. He is also an active conductor serving as assistant conductorof the Symphony of the New World, and has served as guestconductor for several of the country's leading orchestras,including the Cleveland and Detroit Orchestras, andhe was founder of the Riverside Symphony of New York.

Moore, Undine Smith. Composer. She obtained her musicaleducation at Fisk University in Nashville, TN (B.A., B. Music);at Columbia University Teachers College in New York (M.A.,professional diploma); and at the Eastman School of Music inRochester, NY. Her teaching career includes tenures in the publicschools of Goldsboro, NC, where she was supervisor of music,and at Virginia State College in Petersburg (1927-72). She also


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (26)

served as a Visiting Professor at Carleton College in Northfield,MN; St. Benedict College in St. Joseph, MN; and Virginia UnionUniversity in Richmond. She toured widely as a lecturer,including in West Africa, and coordinated college workshops andseminars. She was co-founder and co-director with Altona TrentJohns of the Black Music Center at Virginia State (1969-1972),which brought to the campus the leading Black composers,performers, musical groups, dancers, and lecturers. She is bestknown for her choral compositions. Her cantata "Scenes from theLife of a Martyr" (to the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.) fornarrator, soprano, alto, tenor soloists, chorus and orchestra, wasnominated for a Pulitzer Prize and has been performed by leadingorchestras since its world premiere in 1982: Haddonfield (NJ)Symphony Orchestra, December 1981; Collegiate Chorale atCarnegie Hall, January 1982; Richmond Symphony, April 1982(formal world premiere); Detroit Symphony, February 1983;Athenaeum Chorale and Chamber Orchestra, June 1982,Cincinnati, OH. Her Afro-American Suite for flute, cello,and piano is widely performed. Her honors include honorarydoctorates from Virginia State University (1972) and IndianaUniversity (1976); a Certificate of Appreciation from JohnLindsay, Mayor of New York; the Seventh Annual HumanitarianAward from Fisk University (1973); the National Associationof Negro Musicians Award (1975); and appointment to nationalboards and committees of professional organizations. She wonwide recognition as an educator for her curricular innovations atVirginia State and exerted wide influence as a teacher of studentswho later became celebrated, among them, Camilla Williams,William "Billy" Taylor, and Leon Thompson.

Patterson, Willis. Administrator, Performer, SymposiumDirector. Mr. Patterson received his college educationby attending The University of Michigan, the Manhattan Schoolof Music in New York, and the Freiburg Hochschule Fur Musikin Freiburg, West Germany. His teaching career includes tenuresat Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA; Virginia State College,Petersburg, VA; and The University of Michigan where hecurrently serves as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs andChairman of the Voice Department. He has been an activeperforming bass baritone singer of opera, oratorio and concertwork. Also active as a conductor and arranger, he served as theconductor for the BBC-TV special television program featuringJessye Norman singing spirituals and the recording of the sameworks on Philips label. He also conducts the recording ofGreat Day In The Morning, a musical which was premieredin Paris, France, also featuring Jessye Norman, which is basedon the Negro spiritual. Patterson appeared for several yearson the NBC-TV production of Amahl and the Nightvisitors andis on the RCA recording of that work singing the role of Balthazar.He is the compiler of the Anthology of Art Songs by BlackAmerican Composers.

Perkins, Huel D. A native of Baton Rouge, LA, and a graduateof Southern University, he holds the Master's and Ph.D degreesfrom Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. He has servedon a number of local, state, and national committees — mostrecently as Chairman of the Louisiana Committee for theHumanities. He has been the recipient of a Danforth TeacherGrant; a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship;was invited to Harvard University as a member of its VisitingFaculty Program,- and was selected as one of twelve scholars toparticipate in the first American-Caribbean Scholars Programsponsored by the Phelps-Stokes Foundation. He has over fiftyarticles and book reviews in print and a speech given by him hasbeen reprinted in the Congressional Record. He has worked atLincoln University in Jefferson City, MO and at SouthernUniversity in Baton Rouge, LA. Presently, he is Assistant ViceChancellor for Academic Affairs at Louisiana State Universityin Baton Rouge, LA where he also holds the rank of Professorof Humanities in the Division of Honors and InterdisciplinaryStudies. Prior to joining the faculty of LSU in 1979, he served asDeputy Director of the Division of Education Programs with theNational Endowment for the Humanities in Washington, D.C.

Perkinson, Coleridge-Taylor. Composer. He obtained his musicaleducation at the High School of Music and Art in New York, atthe New York University, and at the Manhattan School of Music(B. Music, M. Music). He studied further at the Berkshire Music

Center for Choral Conducting in Massachusetts; the Mozarteumin Salzburg, Austria; and the Netherlands Radio Union inHilversum, where he worked with Dean Dixon (1960-1963).Earlier he was a conducting assistant to Hugh Ross. His teachingcareer included tenures at the Professional Children's School inNew York, where he was Music Director; at the ManhattanSchool of Music; and at Brooklyn College of the City Universityof New York. As a conductor he served tenures with the DessoffChoir as an assistant; with the Symphony of the New World as afounding member and Associate Conductor; with the New YorkMandolin Orchestra as Conductor; and with the BrooklynCommunity Orchestra as a Conductor. He was the firstComposer-in Residence for the Negro Ensemble Company inNew York (founded 1967) and composed music for several of itsproductions, including God is a (Guess What)! (1968), Song of theLusitanian Bogey (1967), Ceremonies in Dark Old Men (1974),and Man Better Man (1969). He also worked with the Alvin AileyDance Company and with Arthur Mitchell's Harlem DanceCompany, for which he composed the ballet Ode to Otis. Heserved as Musical Director for Lou Rawls, Barbara McNair,Donald Byrd, Max Roach, and the Martin Luther KingProductions, among others, and also wrote music for television,radio, and films, including A Warm December (cl962),Crossroads Africa (cl962), Amazing Grace [ 1974), and TheEducation of Sonny Carson (1974). His vocal works include"Nine Elizabethan Love Lyrics" (cl952), "Attitudes" (writtenin 1962-63 for George Shirley by commission from the FordFoundation), and "Thirteen Love Songs in Jazz Settings" (late1960s). Best known of his orchestral works are the Concerto forViola and Orchestra (1954) and Sinfonietta for Strings (1953).

Reagon, Bernice Johnson. Program Director and CultureHistorian. Bernice Reagon began her educational career at AlbanyState College, Albany, GA. Her studies were interrupted duringher junior year at Albany State College due to her suspension forparticipating in civil rights movement demonstrations. For thenext five years, her education and training continued throughher participation in the civil rights movement as a singer, fieldresearcher and organizer. She resumed and culminated her formaldegree education with the receipt of a Ph.D degree from HowardUniversity in U.S. History. She has performed as a singing artistwith Sweet Honey in the Rock, since 1973, and as a solo artist.She has appeared on nearly a dozen recordings on such labels asMercury Records, Folkway Records, and Columbia Recordsamong others. She has also served as composer and narrator fora number of theatrical productions and documentary films andradio programs. Her publications include several articles on thesubject of Black History through Music for various professionaljournals, included among which is "Rubye Doris Robinson,"Biographies of American Women, Harvard University Press;and "Black People and Their Culture: Selected Writings fromthe African Diaspora," Smithsonian Institution. Her teachingexperiences include the University of Virginia ContinuingEducation Program, Charlottesville, VA; The Arts andHumanities Program, Arlington County Public Schools; theUniversity of the District of Columbia, Department of History;and the M. Agnes Elementary School, Atlanta, GA. She alsoserved for several special programs in Black Culture: as ProjectDirector, Georgia Sea Island Festival, St. Simons, GA; ConceptualDeveloper, First Georgia Folk Festival, Atlanta, GA; VocalDirector, D.C. Black Repertory Theater Company, Washington,D.C.; and Project Developer, "We Shall Overcome" Fund todevelop and organize festivals in Black Oral Tradition andMusic in the Southern USA. She currently serves as the ProgramDirector and Culture Historian in the Division of PerformingArts, Program in Black American Culture of the SmithsonianInstitution, Washington, D.C.

Ryder, Georgia A. Dean of the School of Arts and Letters atNorfolk State University, Norfolk, VA. She was previously Headof the Music Department at Norfolk State. She holds a B.S. inMusic degree from Hampton Institute, Music M. from TheUniversity of Michigan and a Ph.D from New York University.She was a member of the College Music Society Council,1980-82, during which time she fulfilled her duties as immediatepast-president of the Intercollegiate Music Association (Virginiaand North Carolina Colleges). Currently, she serves on theNorfolk Commission for the Arts and Humanities and on the


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (27)

boards of several national and regional arts organizations. She is apanelist for the Virginia Commission for the Arts and has servedpreviously as a panelist for the National Endowment for theHumanities. She is active as a voice teacher, ensemble director,adjudicator, and lecturer. Her papers have been presented atmeetings of the National Association of Schools of Music,the College Music Society, the Association for the Studyof Afro-American History, as well as other professionalorganizations and she has contributed articles to severalpublications.

Shirley, George Irving. Concert/Opera Singer, Educator.George Shirley was raised in Detroit, MI and received his collegeeducation at Wayne State University in Detroit (B.S.). He madehis operatic debute as a tenor with the Tumau Opera Players inthe role of Eisenstein in Strauss' Die Fledermaus at Woodstock,NY. He made his European debut singing Rudolfo in La Bohemeat the Teatro Nuovo in Milan, Italy. He won first place in theMetropolitan Auditions of the Air and joined that company in1961. He has sung and recorded many of the most importantoperatic and oratorio roles in the repertoire and has performedas a recitalist in most parts of the world. He now also serves asProfessor of Voice on the faculty of the University of Maryland,College Park, MD.

Smith, Hale. Composer. Smith was born in Cleveland, OH andcurrently resides in Freeport, NY. He enrolled at the ClevelandInstitute of Music where he was awarded his Bachelor's degree inComposition. He was a winner of the first BMI Student ComposerAward which he used to fund postgraduate studies with MarcelDick, his only teacher of composition. In 1958 he moved to NewYork where he did freelance arranging, copying, and transcribing,as well as arranging for the Chico Hamilton Quintet. In 1961he became an editor for Edward B. Marks Music Corporation.Since then he has served as an editor and general music advisorfor several major music publishers. He is currently a consultantfor the C.F. Peters Corporation. Mr. Smith has served on theBoard of Directors of Composer's Alliance, and is currently amember of the Board of Directors of the American MusicCenter. He has lectured frequently at schools throughout theUnited States and is a Professor of Music at the University ofConnecticut. His works have been performed by the NationalSymphony, the Cleveland Orchestra, the New Orleans Sym¬phony, the New York Philharmonic, the American Symphony,the Symphony of the New World, and the Cincinnati Symphony,among others. Recordings of his works include "Contours forOrchestra" by the Louisville Orchestra, "Ritual andIncantations" by the Detroit Symphony, "The Valley Wind" byHilda Harris and Zita Carno, "Evocation" by Natalie Hinderas,and "In Memoriam — Beryl Rubinstein" by Robert Shaw. Hehas also written for such jazz luminaries as Eric Dolphy, ChicoHamilton, Billy Mitchell, Dizzy Gillespie, Abby Lincoln, FrankFoster, and Ahmad Jamal. In addition, his educational musicis used throughout the United States and has received highpraise from educators.

Southall, Geneva Handy. Pianist, Educator, Writer. Ms. Southallobtained her musical education in the public schools of NewOrleans, at Dillard University (B.A.), the American Conservatoryof Music in Chicago (M. Music), and the University of Iowa(Ph.D). Her teaching career includes tenures at Paul QuinnCollege, Waco, TX; Knoxville College in Tennessee; SouthCarolina State College at Orangeburg; Grambling College,Louisiana; and the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis.Throughout this period, she was active as a concert pianist andaccompanist and chamber-group pianist, including a tour withthe Pro Viva Trio in Germany. She has published articles inprofessional journals and music dictionaries such as The NewGrove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. She has givenconsiderable attention to musicological research and publication.Her best known publication is a biography of Thomas GreeneBethune, entitled The Life and Times of Blind Tom, A BlackPianist-Composer.

Southern, Eileen Jackson. Musicologist, University Professor. Sheattended the University of Chicago (B.B., M.A.) and New YorkUniversity (Ph.D) where she studied with Gustave Resse, Curt

Sachs, and Martin Bernstein. She studied piano at ChicagoMusical College, the fuilliard School of Music, and BostonUniversity. She played for church choirs from childhood on andtoured with a spiritual quartet for a short period in South Dakota.She gave her first full-length piano recital at the age of twelve.Her debut was made playing a concerto with the Chicago MusicalCollege Symphony Orchestra at Orchestra Hall; thereafter shetoured regularly as a concert pianist until 1955. Her teachingcareer included tenures in public schools of Charlotte, NC, andthe City of New York; at Prairie View State College in Texas;Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA; Alcorn State Collegein Mississippi; Clatlin University in Orangeburg, SC; BrooklynCollege of the City University of New York; York College ofCUNY; and Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. She hascontributed articles to such professional journals as ActaMusicologica, Musica Disciplina, Journal of the AmericanMusicological Society, and The Black Scholar, among others, andto such reference works as Grolier's Encyclopedia, Dictionaryof American Biography, Encyclopedia of Black America, andThe New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. She wasCo-founder/ Publisher (with her husband Joseph) and Editor of ascholarly journal, The Black Perspective in Music (1973- ). Herbook publications include The Buxheim Organ Book (1963),The Music of Black Americans: A Elistory (1971), Readings inBlack American Music (editor, 1971), Anonymous Chansonsin a Manuscript at El Escorial (1981), and BiographicalDictionary of Afro-American and African Musicians (1982).

Spearman, Rawn. Baritone. He has a varied and distinguishedcareer on the concert stage, Broadway, and in television. He isa graduate of Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, FL, andTeachers College, Columbia University, New York City. Heis a former member of the famed Fisk Jubilee Singers. Hisprofessional preparation includes serious study at the AmericanTheater Wing in New York City; Lieder with Otto Hertz; Frenchrepertoire with Eva Gautier; early Renaissance and Baroquemusic with Yves Tinare; general coaching and musicianshipwith Charles Kingsford, Alice Whiteman and William Sourwine;oratory with Edward Boatner. He was a recipient of the MarianAnderson Award, the Roland Hayes Award, the AmericanTheater Award, John Hay Whitney Award, the J.U.G.G. Award,and the Ville de Fontainebleau Award. The latter brought with itan opportunity to study French Art Songs with Nadia Boulanger.His auspicious debut at Town Hall led to the signing withImpressario Sol Hurok, whereupon the Baritone began concerttours throughout the world under his direction and later appearedin productions on Broadway, which included: Let's Make anOpera, House of Flowers, Kwamina, Four Saints in Three Acts,and Nude with Violin. His television experience includes:Bloomer Girl, Blue Monday Blues, Frontiers of Faith and othertelevision and radio shows. Entering the field of urban education,Dr. Spearman was, for a number of years, Supervisor for CulturalAffairs for HARYOU-ACT, an anti-poverty program in CentralHarlem, New York City. Later accepting a position as AssociateProfessor on the faculty of Hunter College, New York City,Spearman became Coordinator of the Hunter College-HarlemEducation Center, a field-based center designed to offer betterexposure and understanding of urban educational experiences toboth faculty and students. Dr. Spearman is presently Professor ofMusic and Coordinator of the Music and Business Program in theCollege of Music at the University of Lowell, Lowell, MA.

Standifer, James. Music Educator. Mr. Standifer obtained hiscollege education at Fisk University in Nashville, TN (B.A. andM.A.) and at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH(Ph.D. in Mus.Ed.). His teaching career includes tenures atMorristown Junior College in Morristown, TN; the Clevelandpublic schools; Temple University School of Music; and theUniversity of Michigan School of Music where he is Professor ofMusic, past Department Chairman of Music Education, andDirector of the Eva Jessye Collection of Afro-American Music.He has toured widely as a lecturer and workshop consultant bothwithin the United States and abroad, particularly in the Far East(Korea and China). His published articles and books includearticles in the School Musician, Music Educators Journal, KoreanJournal, the Journal of Research in Music Education, and books


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (28)

including the co-authorship of The Source Book of African andAfro-American Materials for Music Education, The World ofPopular Music, and New Dimensions in Music: Sound, Beatand Feeling.

Suthern II, Orrin Clayton. Although born in Pennsylvania, heconsiders himself a native of Cleveland, OH, where his father,until 1933, was rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. In the1950s he became the first black organist to perform on nationalCBS radio; first black instrumentalist to perform with a majorSouthern symphony; on the invitation of Claude Barnett, wrotethe first syndicated column, "Music As I See It" for theAssociated Negro Press; won a "Lindbach Award" fordistinguished teaching; and won a bronze plaque award from"New Directions." Professor Suthern has a Master's degreein Organ and Conducting from Columbia University.

Szabo, Edward. Conductor, Cellist. Szabo is Music Directorand Conductor of the newly formed Ann Arbor Philharmonic, aprofessional orchestra which presented its inaugural concert onApril 28, 1985. For the past thirteen years, Szabo has been MusicDirector and Conductor of the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra.He has appeared widely as conductor and violoncellist. He hasbeen a member of various chamber ensembles including TheDelphi Trio, Pro Arte Trio, and Montclair Quartet. He hasheld posts as conductor of the Montclair and Adelphi ChamberOrchestras in New Jersey, the Riverside Symphony Orchestraof New York City, the Eastern Michigan University CivicSymphony Orchestra, the Eastern Michigan University ChamberOrchestra, and the Oak Park Symphony. Most recently hehas guest conducted orchestras in Virginia, Utah, and Florida.He holds degrees from the Cincinnati College Conservatoryof Music, the Juilliard School, and Columbia University,where he wrote his doctoral dissertation on theVioloncello-Piano Sonatas of Ludwig van Beethoven. Currently aProfessor of Music at Eastern Michigan University, he has heldseveral teaching-performing positions with universities on theeast coast. He is Fine Arts Director for WAAM Radio in Ann

Arbor-Ypsilanti and hosts a classical program, "Off the Record."

Taylor, William ("Billy"). Jazz Pianist. Taylor obtained hismusical education in the public schools of Washington, D.C.,at Virginia State College in Petersburg (B. Music) where hestudied with Undine Smith Moore, and at the University ofMassachusetts at Amherst (D. Ed.). He settled in New York about1954 and soon thereafter began playing with various groups,including John Birks ("Dizzy") Gillespie and Ben Webster,and later (in Chicago) Eddie South and Hezekiah ("Stuff")Smith. During the mid-1940s he worked in small ensembles withLeroy ("Slam") Stewart, William ("Cozy") Cole, Machito (neeFrank Grillo), and Bob Wyatt, among others. Later in 1946 hetoured in Europe with Don Redman and remained in Paris for aperiod to make recordings and perform as a soloist. In 1951 heorganized the Billy Taylor Trio, which performed regularly onthe night club circuit. He was also active as a radio disc jockey(1952-1966) and program director (1966-1969). During the1960s-early 1970s he was active in television, hosting his ownshow in 1966 and serving as a musical director for the DavidFrost Show (1969-1972). In the 1970s he founded his owncompany, Billy Taylor Productions. His teaching career includedtenures as a lecturer in public schools, at the C. W. Post Collegein Greenvale, NY; Manhattan School of Music in NewYork; the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA; HowardUniversity in Washington, D.C., and other institutions. In 1965he was a co-founder of Jazzmobile in New York's Harlemcommunity; the organization sponsored free outdoor jazzconcerts and presented jazz-lecture concerts for communitiesand public schools. He has contributed articles about jazz toperiodicals and wrote a regular column for ContemporaryKeyboard in the 1970s-1980s. He has published more than twelvejazz manuals. His honors included numerous awards from themusic industry; honorary doctorates from Virginia StateUniversity, Fairfield University and Clark College; andappointments to music commissions and national boards ofprofessional, civic, and government councils.

Taylor, Herman Daniel. University Organist and Professor ofMusic at Dillard University in New Orleans, LA. Born in YazooCity, MS, he received his early education in the public schools ofChicago, IL. He began study of the organ while a freshman in highschool and his first organ teacher was Walter E. Gossette. His B.Music is from Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt Universitywhere he was the Oliver Ditson Scholarship recipient. He earnedthe master's and doctorate degrees from The University ofMichigan and his organ study there was with Marilyn Mason. Dr.Taylor has been very active in church music and has served asorganist and organist-choirmaster in ten different denominationsin various parts of the country. He is presently Organist at St.Raphael Catholic Church in New Orleans. He is also an excellentaccompanist and has performed with many outstanding singersand instrumentalists. He has written articles for The AmericanOrganist and other scholarly publications. He has received manyhonors and awards which include: The Society of AmericanMusicians Award in organ playing in 1957; RockefellerFoundation Grant in organ and organ study with the late MarcelDupre in France in 1968; Graduate Student Assistant in organ atThe University of Michigan, 1975-76; and the Palmer ChristianAward in organ in 1976. He was a consultant in Giessen,Baumholder, Darmstadt, and Frankfurt, West Germany, underthe auspices of the U.S. Army Chaplaincy, and received a grantfrom the National Endowment for the Humanities to participatein the summer seminar, "The Practice of Schenkerian Analysis,"in 1981.

Tillis, Frederick C. Composer, Administrator. Mr. Tillis earnedhis college degrees by attending Wiley College in Marshall, TX(B.A.), North Texas State University, and the University of Iowain Iowa City (M.A. and Ph.D). His teaching career includestenures at Wiley College, Grambling College in Louisiana,Kentucky State College in Frankfort, and the University ofMassachusetts in Amherst. His compositions cover a widevariety of styles including twelve-tone, serialism and otherEuropean styles. He also writes incorporating African and Easternidioms and elements of Black American Music. The forms of hiscompositions include symphonic, chamber music, band, chorus,voice, solo instruments and jazz ensemble. Among his bestknown compositions are "Ring Shout Concerto" for Percussionand Brass; Spiritual Cycle for Soprano and Orchestra, and"Metamorphosis on a Scheme by J. S. Bach" for Jazz Ensemble.Dr. Tillis also functions as the Director of the Fine Arts Center,Professor of Music Theory and Composition, Director ofAfro-American Music and Jazz Program, and Associate Provostat the University of Massachusetts.

Tirro, Frank Pascale. Dean and Professor. Frank Tirro beganhis college education with a Bachelor of Music Education at theUniversity of Nebraska, then attended Northwestern University(M. Music) and the University of Chicago (Ph.D). His teachingcareer includes tenures at the University of Chicago where hewas Chairman of the Music Department of the University ofChicago Laboratory Schools and Director of the University ofChicago Chorus; Harvard University where he was a Fellowof Villa I Tatti; the University of Kansas where he servedas a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Music History; DukeUniversity where he was Chairman of the Department of Music;and Yale University where he is Dean and Professor of the Schoolof Music. His several publications include The Humanities:Cultural Roots and Continuities (co-author), and Jazz: A History.Articles on "Jazz Improvisation" "Constructive Elements in JazzImprovisation" and "Popular Music" appear in the Dictionary ofContemporary Music and other publications. He has additionallycomposed several important vocal compositions, included amongwhich are "American Jazz Mass," and "American Jazz Te Deum."

Waites, Althea. Pianist. A native of New Orleans, LA, shehas concertized extensively throughout the United States andCanada as a soloist and is recognized as an outstanding chambermusician and accompanist. Her concert career began beforeshe completed high school when she made her professional debutwith the New Orleans Philharmonic in a performance of theMendelssohn G-Minor Concerto. She holds degrees from XavierUniversity of Louisiana, and the Yale School of Music where she


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (29)

studied with Donald Currier. She has also performed at theYale Music Festival in Norfolk, CT, where she coached inchamber music. In recent years, she has established herself asa distinguished artist, receiving critical acclaim for herperformances of works by women composers, and rarely heardworks by Black American composers. Recently, she appeared asa guest artist for the International Congress of Women in Music,and is herself a founding member. Most recently, she was invitedto work with Fiora Contino as accompanist for the Aspen MusicFestival and Choral Institute. In addition, she has appeared withcommunity orchestras, jazz and chamber ensembles on theWest Coast. Some of her recordings include "Emerging" (1978)Kay Gardner and "Mooncircles" (1974) Kay Gardner.

Walker, Frances. Pianist. She was born in Washington, D.C. Oneof the winners of the Fligh School Day Competition, she wasaccepted by the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. She continuedher studies at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia withRudolph Serkin and Miecyslaw Horszowski and in New Yorkwith Robert Goldsand at the Manhattan School of Music. She hasperformed in Europe, the West Indies, in New York at CarnegieRecital Hall, Alice Tully Flail and Town Hall, AbrahamGoodman Hall, Carnegie Hall with the Symphony of the NewWorld, performing the Prokofieff Concerto No. 3, CarnegieRecital Hall, and at colleges and universities throughout theUnited States as well as at the National Gallery, and the Corcoranand Phillips Galleries in Washington, D.C. As a member of theNew World Ensemble, she played the Schumann Piano Quinteton a tour of the New York City Community Colleges. Ms. Walkerwas honored by the National Association of Black Musiciansfor her contributions in the field of music. She is now Professorof Piano at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio andis a recording artist for Orion Records, having completedthe 24 Negro Melodies arranged for piano by SamuelColeridge-Taylor, and the Seven Traceries by William Grant Still.

Walker, George Theophilus. Composer. He obtained his musicaleducation in the public schools of Washington, D.C.; at thejunior division of the Howard University School of Music; atthe Oberlin Conservatory (B. Music); the Curtis Institute inPhiladelphia (artist diploma), where he studied with RudolphSerkin and Rosario Scalero; the American Academy atFontainebleau, France (artist diploma); and the Eastman Schoolof Music in Rochester, NY (D. Music). He first attracted wideattention as a winner of the Philadelphia Youth Auditionsperforming the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto, No. 3 with thePhiladelphia Orchestra. He made his debut as a piano recitalistin Town Hall, New York, and toured extensively throughoutthe country and abroad being managed by the National ConcertArtists and Columbia Artists, Inc. His teaching includes tenuresat Dillard University in New Orleans; the Dalcroze School ofMusic and the New School for Social Research in New York;Smith College at Northampton, MA; University of Colorado atDenver; and Rutgers University at Newark, NJ. His compositionsinclude "Lament for Strings" (later titled "Lyric for Strings"),"Address for Orchestra," "Trombone Concerto," "Variations forOrchestra," "Music for Brass — Sacred and Profane," and manyworks for piano, strings and voice, among others. His music iswidely published, recorded, and performed.

Warfield, William C. Concert Singer, Professor. Mr. Warfieldobtained his college education at the Eastman School of Musicin Rochester, NY (B.Mus.); he also did graduate work at thatsame institution. He began his very important professionalsinging career in 1939 doing recitals and appearing in musicalssuch as Call Me Mister and the Broadway productions ofHeywood's Set My People Free, and Blitzstein's Regina. A highlysuccessful Town Hall recital was made in 1950 and thereafter hetoured in the United States and throughout the world under thesponsorship of the State Department. His appearances on stageand film in Porgy and Bess and Showboat are still highly regardedthroughout the world. He has been accorded numerous honorsand citations. He now serves as Chairman of the Voice

Department at the University of Illinois and as President ofthe National Association of Negro Musicians.

Whalum, Dr. Wendell Phillip. Professor of Music. Graduatedfrom Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis and earnedthe Bachelor of Arts degree from Morehouse College. He receivedthe Master of Arts degree from Columbia University and thePh.D. degree from the University of Iowa. In 1968 he was therecipient of an honorary Doctor of Music degree from theUniversity of Haiti. Since 1953 he has been Professor of Music atMorehouse. He has also served as Chairman of the Departmentof Music. In 1974 he was named Fuller E. Callaway Professorof Music. He is Director of the Morehouse College Glee Club,Co-director of the Morehouse-Spelman Chorus, and Director ofMusic at Ebeneezer Baptist Church. In 1968 as conductor of theworld renowned Morehouse College Glee Club, he prepared themembers for a performance with the National Orchestra. Underhis leadership, the Glee Club has continued its tradition. Becauseof his unusual ability and deep interest in music, he is muchsought after as a consultant by churches, foundations, and otherorganizations. He has served as vice-president and president ofthe Intercollegiate Musical Council. For several years he hasserved as the Danforth Foundation's associate, senior associate,Chairman of the Southeastern Conference, seminar leader,director of music at several conferences, and as a member of theFoundation's National Selection Committee. He appeared as anorgan soloist in a special concert with the Atlanta SymphonyOrchestra under the direction of Robert Shaw in 1968, and wasMusic Director for the world premier of the opera Treemonishain 1972. He is a folklorist who has published many spirituals,including: "Amazin' Grace," "Roberta Lee," "Mary was theQueen of Galilee," "Mary Had a Baby," "Sweet Jesus," "God is aGod," and "Give Me Jesus," which are included in his publicationof choral works entitled, The Wendell P. Whalum Choral Series.

White, Evelyn Davidson. A native of Charlotte, NC, she is aProfessor of Music at Howard University, Washington, D.C.where she teaches choral conducting and music theory, andserves as Coordinator of Literature and Materials. She was

educated at Johnson C. Smith University, Howard University,and Teachers College, Columbia University. For many years sheserved as Associate Director of the Howard University Choirwith the late Warner Lawson, and as Director. She also servedas Director of the Chapel Choir and as Associate Director of theWashington Community Chorus. For more than fifteen years, shewas a member of the summer faculty at the Catholic Universityof America; for three summers, H.E.W. Fellow, North CarolinaCentral University. She is now director of the Evelyn WhiteChorale, a group of fifty singers from the metropolitan area whoseappearances include performances at the National Gallery ofArt, Kennedy Center, American Choral Directors Association(National Meeting, 1977), and the MENC Eastern DivisionMeeting (1977). She has had an active career as a solo performer.She studied with Alice Duschak (Peabody Institute) and the notedbaritone, Todd Duncan. In 1975, she published a comprehensiveBibliography of Published Choral Music by Black Composers.Choral Music by Afro-American Composers, Scarecrow Press,submitted July 1981, is a revision of the first publication andincludes new composers and materials. She is also editor of aseries: Choral Music by Black Composers, Hinshaw Music Press.In 1982, the National Black Music Caucus of the Music EducatorsNational Conference (TX), honored Mrs. White with anAchievement Award for distinguished service in the field ofmusic education as teacher and choral conductor.

Whiteman, Clarence E. Organist, College Professor. Born andraised in New York City, Mr. Whiteman received his Bachelor'sand Master's degrees in Music from the Manhattan School ofMusic in New York City. He did further study at the GuilmantOrgan School in New York City and the School of Sacred Music,Union Theological Seminary, New York City. He is an Associatewith the American Guild of Organists, and a Licentiate with theTrinity College of Music in London. He has appeared as Organrecitalist from New Hampshire throughout Florida and inCalifornia, Washington and New York. He has also appearedas organ soloist with the Symphony of the New World. Histeaching experiences include tenures at Lincoln University inPennsylvania; the Guilmant Organ School, New York City;Bennett College, North Carolina; Mount Holyoke College,Massachusetts; and Virginia State University, Virginia. His


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (30)

publications include an article on "Afro-American ChantSettings" in The Black Perspective in Music; and an articleentitled "Music Among Blacks in the Episcopal Church: SomePreliminary Considerations" which appeared in the HistoricalMagazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church. He has performedthe world premiere performances of a number of compositionsby Black American composers of works for organ. He presentlyserves as Professor of Organ and Theory at Virginia StateUniversity and Minister of Music for St. Stephen's EpiscopalChurch, Petersburg, VA.

Wilkins, Leona. Music Educator. Ms. Wilkins began hercollege education by attending North Carolina University atWinston-Salem, Oberlin Conservatory, and North CarolinaCentral University in Durham where she received her B.A. Shereceived a M.Mus. from The University of Michigan, attended theUniversity of Southern California and the Sorbonne Universityfrom which she received a Certificate, and received a Ph.D. fromThe University of Michigan. Her teaching career includes tenuresat Wake County Public Schools in Raleigh, NC; Bluefield StateUniversity in West Virginia; Hampton Institute in Virginia,-Tennessee State University in Nashville; The St. LouisPublic Schools; the Detroit Public Schools; Eastern MichiganUniversity; Temple University in Philadelphia,- andNorthwestern University. Her publications include "TeacherTraining in the Arts: The Northwestern Model, A Programthat Works" in Design for Arts Education; and "DevelopingCreativity through Related Arts," Orff Echo.

Williams, Ora R. Professor of English. Ms. Williams began hercollege education at Virginia Union University (B.A. English);Howard University (M.A. English); and received a Ph.D. inComparative Culture from the University of California, Irvine.Her teaching experience includes tenures at Southern University,Baton Rouge, LA; Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, AL; MorganState University, Baltimore, MD; and California State Universityat Long Beach. She has co-authored a bibliography entitled"American Black Women Composers: A Selected AnnotatedBibliography" which appeared in But Some Of Us Are Brave,published by the Feminist Press, and a "Bibliography of Works

Written by American Black Women" which appeared in CLAJournal. She also has authored a book entitled American BlackWomen In The Arts and Social Sciences: A Bibliographic Surveywhich is published by Scarecrow Press. A new publication will beforthcoming soon entitled The Legendary Eva fessye: Odysseyof a Black Woman Musician. She will also co-ordinate aSymposium which will focus on the life and works of Eva Jessye.This will be held in September of 1985 at California StateUniversity, Long Beach, CA.

Wilson, Oily. Attended St. Louis Public Schools. Highereducation includes a B.M. degree from Washington University,St. Louis, MO.; M.Mus. degree, University of Illinois; and, University of Iowa. He played jazz piano and bass withlocal groups in St. Louis. He studied electronic music at theStudio for Experimental Music, University of Illinois. He was amember of several orchestras as a bass viol player, including theSt. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra, St. Louis Summer ChamberPlayers, and the Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra. He hasheld faculty positions at Florida A&M University and OberlinConservatory of Music. He is presently Professor of Music,University of California, Berkeley. Compositions includechamber works, orchestral works and works for the electronicmedia. The Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, Baltimore, Oakland,Minneapolis, and Atlanta symphony orchestras have performedhis works. His awards include: Recipient of the 1968 Dart¬mouth Arts Council Prize, the first international competitionfor electronic compositions for his composition "Cetus";commission by Boston Symphony Orchestra and FrommFoundation for orchestral work at Tanglewood Summer 1970entitled "Voices"; Guggenheim Fellowship for composition in1972; commission by Pitzer College, 1972; commission byOakland Symphony Orchestra in 1973; commission from SanFrancisco Chamber Music Society in 1976; National Endowmentfor the Arts commission in 1976; Guggenheim Fellowship for1977-78 academic year; award for outstanding achievement inmusic composition from the American Academy of Arts andLetters and the National Institute of Arts and Letters in 1974.He was Visiting Artist at American Academy in Rome duringpart of 1978.


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (31)

Black AmericanMusic Symposium Staff

Shawn Howard

Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (32)


Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (33)

Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (34)

Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (35)

Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (36)

Black American Music Symposium...August15,1985 Music Music American Music of Music University. music Music University University, music Music UniversityUniversity College. chorus, - [PDF Document] (2024)
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